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URBANARA's Year 2020

Recap of a special year

Our autumn/winter collection

What an incomparable year lies behind us.

A year that has affected each and every one of us in one way or another. There is no question that the year’s events were not what we expected. However, in this article we would like to reflect on the positives, and on the moments that brought us joy, no matter how small. We’d like to reflect on the highlights which were created under new, unfamiliar conditions, between home offices and socially distanced meetings.

Home – a special place which is with us through every emotion. We wanted to focus on creating pieces which you can use to curate your own space, to create somewhere you can relax, unwind, and most importantly of all, be yourself.

Let's start at the beginning of the year: for our Spring/Summer collection we chose natural, light colours that, paired with organic shapes, radiate a sense of calm and hope – attributes that could hardly be more apt this year and which we have taken forward into our Autumn/Winter collection.

For our photo shoots, we took you behind the scenes in our journal articles. Our latest shoot, for example, took place in a beautiful, historic villa on the outskirts of Berlin.

Shortly after the launch of our Spring/Summer collection, we fulfilled your – and our – wish and launched our kids’ collection. In our Mini bed linen made of high-quality organic cotton, tired adventurers can drift off into fantastic dreams.

Sshh: We might expand our collection in the new year.

From October to December, we opened the doors of our pop-up store in Berlin-Mitte, we were hugely excited to welcome you into our pop-up store so you could experience our pieces first hand. Being able to experience our pieces along with you is something we hope to achieve once again, in the new year.

This year, many of you have shown how our URBANARA pieces look in your home. At URBANRA, nothing fills us with more joy than seeing our pieces in your spaces, and homes. In some parts, joy has been hard to find this year, but seeing our pieces become part of your space, and your journey is something which will always provide us with a true sense of happiness. We hope that in the year, we’ll continue to see more of our pieces in unique, personal spaces designed by you.