Bedspreads & Quilts

Elegant Bedspreads and Quilts made of natural materials. The perfect addition to the unique look of your bedroom.

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Bedspreads And Quilts

"Quilts have been perennial favourite over many generations. Quilts can bring a classic country style to life. Some modern cut quilts will give a bedroom the opposite effect. Either way, a quilt from URBANARA will be a warm, stylish addition to any bedroom. Match colours and patterns in a quilt with your bedroom colour scheme to create a well-balanced look. Use bed linen such as bed sheets and blankets to intensify or highlight the patterns of your quilt. Use ruffled cushions and a matching quilt for comfort and feminising a girl’s room. An earth toned cashmere blanket will create a luxurious, yet masculine touch to a youth’s bedroom. You can find more ideas for bedroom designs by browsing the URBANARA website. We specialise in bedroom, bath and dining room linens.
Bedspreads set the tone and style of a bedroom. Bedspread designs create a focal point for the eyes. Colours and patterns on bedspreads are creatively used to create visual effects such as perceived space and light. By matching bed sheets, blankets and bed linens to your bedspread, you can turn your drab bedroom into a stylish boudoir. Cashmere blankets layered under your bedspread can add cosy warmth to those chilly winter nights. Extend your bedroom designing into an adjoining bathroom with bath mats and matching towel sets. Search through the URBANARA website for additional bedspread and bedroom designing ideas."