Cotton Rugs

From geometric patterns to pared back styles, our ethically-made cotton rugs will give any room a lift.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Cotton rugs

Rugs are stylish and practical additions to any room, providing both comfort underfoot and an extra layer of flair and interest to your décor. Available in an incredibly diverse range of colours, styles, sizes and patterns, a cotton rug might be just thing to give your room a lift or to complete your room’s look. With URBANARA’s extensive range of high-quality, affordable cotton rugs, you’re certain to find the perfect floor covering for your home.

What are cotton rugs like?

Cotton has been used to make rugs for centuries. Cotton fibres, which are a natural, renewable resource, are soft, pliable, and perfect for making cotton rugs; but there are several reasons that make cotton an excellent choice for your rugs.

There are many benefits to 100% cotton rugs and runners. First, cotton rugs are soft and smooth underfoot. The smooth surface of cotton rugs makes them absolutely ideal for use as kids’ rugs, and the fact that cotton rugs are easy to clean just makes them all the more perfect - their anti-allergenic nature means they can even be used as nursery rugs.

Cotton rugs are suitable all year round

Secondly, cotton is a versatile fabric that’s suitable for use in cotton rugs all year round. Cotton rugs don't trap as much heat as wool so won’t perform as an insulator in the same way. Cotton rugs are perfect all year round. However, if you do want to keep your floors bare in the summer, cotton rugs are pliable so easy to store (we’ll get to this in a moment!) so you can have truly versatile and seasonal décor.

Cotton rugs won’t give you carpet burn like synthetic or polyester rugs will, either, and are much more comfortable to walk and sit on. Cotton rugs are also breathable and won’t attract dust or harbour mites, so these cotton rugs are much better for people who suffer from allergies: this makes a large cotton rug the perfect choice for living areas, as well as in the bathroom or kitchen.

Finally, cotton is an easily treatable fibre that takes extremely well to dyes and can be easily hand-woven or loomed into myriad different cotton rug patterns and designs. Grey cotton rugswhite cotton rugs, and plain weave cotton rugs with geometric patterns and lots of different colours are perfectly achieved with cotton. 

How to clean a cotton rug?

Large cotton rugs are incredibly easy to care for – and some can even be placed in the washing machine! To keep your cotton rug looking beautiful and in excellent condition, vacuum it regularly and simply spot clean it with a rug cleaner. If your cream or white cotton rug is looking a little grimy (which can happen quickly especially if you use yours as kitchen rugs or in the dining room), then treat the stains with a natural stain remover and pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. 

What size cotton rug should you buy?

Before you decide on the style of cotton rug you’d like in your home, you should determine what size you need. We offer most of our cotton rugs in 3 sizes:

140x200 cm cotton rugs should fit well into smaller rooms, for example kids' rooms.

170x240 cm large cotton rug will work in the bedroom if you place it perpendicular to the bed, and around 60 cm under the foot of the bed.

A 200x300 cm large cotton rug would be great for the living room. Beige, cream or grey cotton rugs would blend perfectly with almost all furniture and create a spacious feeling in the room.

Need help to decide what's the best rug size for you? Click here to read our rug guide.

100% natural, ethical cotton rugs

Every single one of our cotton rugs are independently or fair trade certified, ensuring that they have been woven without the use of child labour. What’s more, all the weavers who make our rugs are fairly compensated and work in safe environments. The craftsmen and women who create our collections are passionate about what they do, and so invest time and care into each piece. For us, it’s important to know that all hand woven cotton rugs are made in the same conditions we expect for ourselves.

Buy cotton rugs online in the UK at URBANARA 

At URBANARA, we believe that everyone has a right to enjoy quality, so we work hard to ensure that we keep our costs as low as possible, then pass the savings onto you.

Feel free to choose from our large selection of bespoke cotton rugs, whether in the minimalistic Scandinavian style or in a more bohemian design.

Don't forget to add a rug underlay to protect your floor and prevent slipping.

What’s more, we want all of our products to be united with their ideal home match. That’s why, if you’re not 100% convinced about your order or if it doesn’t look quite how you imagined it would in your home, you can send it back from free within 14 days – no questions or annoying terms & conditions. It’s uncomplicated online shopping: just the way it should be.