Percale Bedding

The perfect weight for every season, our range of cotton percale bedding is perfect for adding a little touch of luxury, every night. 

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100% Cotton Percale duvet covers and sheets

If you love luxurious bedding like URBANARA loves luxury bedding then get ready for the ultimate experience in smooth and crisp 100% cotton percale bedding. The very sound of 100% cotton percale bedding awakens inviting images of smooth softness caressing your skin. We love to provide our customers with posh, plush and perfectly designed 100% cotton percale bedding. We believe our customers deserve only the finest in bedding and bed linen. 

The benefits of 100% Cotton percale bed linen

Known as one of the most popular luxury bedding fabrics, percale cotton bed linen weaves are as soft and breathable as you would expect for 100% cotton bed sheets, yet they are also incredibly durable thanks to the special percale weave which strengthens the fibres. Cotton percale bedding will last a lifetime, is super easy to care for, and is perfect for achieving a touch of luxury, every single night. Percale weaves mean that cotton fibres are woven tightly in a criss-cross pattern, which results in a smooth and strong fabric which is both plush and durable, as the fabric usually has a thread count of 200 or more. These factors all make cotton percale an ideal fabric to use for luxury bed linen. 

Choosing the right 100% cotton percale bedding for your home 

At URBANARA we stock a wide range of simply stunning cotton percale bedding sets, in an array of beautiful colours and any size you could need, from single to king size bed linen. A high thread count makes our  cotton percale bedding feel incredibly luxurious on your skin, and the tight weave gives our sheets a thick, plush feeling whilst still remaining breathable and excellent at keeping your from overheating during the night.  Matching your bed linen to your interior is simple; for a harmonious look, go for a cotton percale bedding set in the same colour family as your bedroom interior, or for a more eclectic look try a completely contrasting colour such as a bright yellow or red. To keep things super classic and simple, try one of our cotton percale bedding sets in a crisp white or natural shade.   To complete your bed linen set, go for one of our 100% cotton sheets, or deep fitted sheets, if you have a larger mattress or mattress topper. You will have no issue finding what you need to create a comfortable, healthy space for sleeping. For the ultimate in cosy comfort, why not match your 100% cotton bedding with one of our 100% cotton bedspreads and quilts? And for colder nights, one of our seriously plush and soft blankets and throws is the perfect finishing touch. You'll be sleeping soundly, healthily and comfortably in no time. 

Find and buy your 100% cotton percale bedding at URBANARA

At URBANARA, we source only the finest 100% cotton directly from the communities who harvest and manufacture it. Our fair trade cotton is eco-friendly and sustainable, so it's kinder to the earth and those who farm and weave it.  Ordering from URBANARA is safe and easy, and if you spend over £50, we’ll include free delivery (it’s the case whenever you shop with us). Shipping is delivered safely wrapped to your door. For added piece of mind, we give you a 100 day free returns policy. We are serious in our commitment to quality and transparency, and will only source and stock blankets and throws that meet the highest consumer standards. We aim to describe all our collections in as much detail as possible, and in doing so, help you make the right decision for your home, from the comfort of your home. Of course, if your blanket or throw isn’t quite what you thought it would be, you have 100 days to send it back, for free, no questions asked. And that applies to gifts, too!