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Stylish home accessories don’t have to stop at the front door with our elegant, sustainable outdoor rugs made from beautifully recycled PET.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Durable and stylish outdoor rugs

Your garden is every bit a part of your home, so why not treat it to a stylish and practical outdoor rug for the summer? Outdoor rugs are a great way to add a little colour and flair to your outdoor space, be it a balcony, garden or roof terrace. Our outdoor rugs are made with recycled PET, a sustainable and stylish material made from repurposed plastic bottles – this material makes for perfect indoor outdoor rugs, as it is durable enough for use outdoors, and soft enough for use indoors.

The benefits of outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are not only stylish, they’re practical too. In a larger outdoor space, garden rugs can create a specific zone for relaxing, and cover hard ground with a soft, durable layer. Also great for adding colour to an otherwise bland space, patio rugs are also an excellent choice for covering hard ground – try placing recycled PET pouffes on top of your patio rugs for picnics.

Recycled PET outdoor rugs

Recycled PET is the ideal choice for outdoor rugs as it is durable, soft and can often withstand certain amounts of wet weather. Made from repurposed plastic bottles, this fantastic material not only makes for perfect garden rugs, it’s sustainable too. This simply stunning material is on a par with cotton when it comes to softness, and so recycled PET is perfect for indoor outdoor rugs, that can be brought outdoors in summer, and used indoors for the rest of the year.

How to choose the right outdoor rugs for your garden

To pick the perfect outdoor rug, start by sizing up the space you have. For a small patio, circular or smaller patio rugs are ideal; for a large garden, rectangular, full-sized garden rugs are ideal. If you have a balcony, an outdoor runner is the best option to fill the long and narrow space. No matter the size, choosing recycled PET outdoor rugs will ensure your rug can work both indoors and outdoors.

Buy outdoor rugs online in the UK

At URBANARA, we source only the finest recycled PET for our outdoor rugs directly from the communities who manufacture it. For added peace of mind, we give you a 100 day returns policy. We are serious in our commitment to quality and transparency, and will only source and stock outdoor rugs that meet the highest consumer standards. We aim to describe all our collections in as much detail as possible, and in doing so, help you make the right decision for your home, from the comfort of your home. Of course, if your garden rug, patio rug or balcony rug isn’t quite what you thought it would be, you have 14 days to send it back, for free, no questions asked. And that applies to gifts, too.