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Hold your high ceilings in high regard with our range of beautiful, natural extra-long curtains, perfect for dressing windows in lofty spaces.

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  1. Kiruna Linen Curtain Set [Blue grey]
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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Extra long curtains for tall windows

No two windows are created the same – whether you live in a modern, sleek building, or an old classic building, a great set of curtains is essential for any window. Modern and old buildings alike often require large curtains, and at URBANARA, we cater for all windows with our range of extra long ready made curtainsExtra long curtains are essential if you have a high ceiling, or simply want a set of curtains that hangs closer to the floor. 

Understanding different curtain lengths

It can be hard to know exactly which size extra-long curtains you might need. The best place to start when looking for ready made curtains online is by examining the window you want them for, and considering the style of extra long curtains you would like. Opting for floor length curtains can add drama to a room, so looking for extra long curtains that will run from floor to ceiling is a great place to start. Alternatively, you may wish to consider the more practical aspects – choosing extra long curtains in lengths that float above the floor can be great for avoiding dust. 

Which size long length curtains do I need?

Floor length curtains are usually at least 280 cm long. At URBANARA we offer extra long curtains in two sizes, 140x280 cm and 140x320 cm.

Long length curtains are perfect for tall windows – extra long curtains will easily cover your entire window when closed, blocking out light and maintaining your privacy.

High ceiling curtains are also useful for higher than average ceiings, as a normal set of curtains may hang awkwardly above the floor, whereas extra long curtains will hang at a nice length, just over the floor. 

High ceiling curtains in natural materials 

Not only will extra long curtains made from natural cotton or linen look better in your home, these materials will help keep your home healthier. If you prefer more opaque curtains, try long velvet blackout curtains. For a lighter feeling, extra long linen curtains would be perfect. 

How to choose the right floor length curtains for your home

Of course, the first point of consideration is the room you want to put your new extra long curtains in. In the bedroom, long length blackout curtains will block out city lights and early sunrises so you can sleep soundly all night long. 

If you're looking to buy long curtains for the living room, long white linen curtains will add a touch of natural simplicity to the space. Long grey curtains will blend well with white walls, hardwood floors and with most furniture.

Which floor length curtains to buy of course also depends on the interior style you've already established in your home. A modern, minimal home benefits from light and airy extra long curtains such as grey, creme and white, whereas a more eclectic interior looks fantastic with extra long velvet curtains in dusty pink or teal.

Buy extra long ready made curtains online in the UK at URBANARA

URBANARA offers a large selection of extra long ready made curtains of the highest quality, whether you're looking for long length blackout curtains for your bedroom, or high ceiling linen curtains for the living room.

When browsing for your home, each of our product pages provides extensive information about the item including colour, design, size, construction method, and origin, so you can make the right decision for your décor.

If you don’t absolutely love your order, it isn’t quite how you imagined it to be, or it doesn’t complement your interior how you thought it would, you can send it back for free within 14 days, no questions asked, no annoying or secretive terms and conditions, just straightforward and easy online shopping.