Hammam Towels

Compact, light, and delightfully stylish, our gorgeous hammam towels are perfect for taking on holidays.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Hammam Towels

Whether for the bathroom, spa, pool, or beach, hammam towels deliver an unmatched number of benefits including style, comfort and versatility. Crafted from feather-light, absorbent cotton, and available in a wide range of delightful motifs and colours, hammam towels bring a sophisticated functionality to any home. Easily packed away, they make ideal beach towels and gym towels. They can also be used in the home as tea towels or bath towels. 

What is a Hammam Towel?

Fashioned from flat-woven cotton, hammam bath towels display some highly desirable characteristics and benefits. Designed for the high humidity of Turkish baths, they are extremely absorbent so make perfect bath towels.They’re also very fast drying compared to regular terry cloth towels. Meanwhile, they’re refreshingly lightweight. In fact, they can weigh as little as one third as ordinary towels. This makes them ideal travel accessories as beach towels or gym towels. 

Hammam Towels – Where are they originally from?

These towels derive their evocative name from the traditional Turkish Baths known as hammam, a phrase which means “spreader of warmth”. Also known as Turkish towelsTurkish hammam towels, or Peshtemal towels, these gorgeous items are woven by hand on traditional looms by skilled artisans.

Measuring a generous 90/95cm by 180cm, these large towels are ideal for wrapping up in as a bath towel. Though now quintessentially Turkish, the art of making these towels was adopted and refined by other cultures around the Mediterranean. Examples are countries such as Tunisia and Algeria where they are known as Fouta towels.

Hammam Towels – Perfect for sauna and spa

Their style, sumptuous softness and durability makes them the perfect spa towels for use in high end resorts and wellness centres. With a heritage in the steam rooms of the Ottoman Empire, they have the strength and style to be the ideal sauna towel. Another key factor is that the flat weave results in fewer allergens being trapped in the fibre. So much so, that they are often also known as spa towels or wellness towels.

Cotton hammam towels are great for holiday and travel   

Lightweight and quick drying, cotton hammam towels are the holiday and travel accessory par excellence. Compared to standard terry-weave towels, these items are far less bulky and easy to pack away for a day at the beach or a longer holiday. Another benefit is that a hammam beach towel can be worn wrapped as a sarong, scarf, throw or wrap, a bed or soft blanket, soft beach seating, as well as an absorbent towel.

Bespoke hammam towels for the gym

Its lightness and absorbency makes the hammam towel the ideal accessory for the exercise buff, yoga practitioner, or Pilates enthusiast. It can serve as a gym towel, yoga mat cover, or just for a rub down after a vigorous workout.

Add style to your home with classic blue and white hammam towels

After millennia of use, hammam towels are still desirable today in many homes and bathrooms owing to their timeless style. They come in a range of rich and vibrant colours such as red, blue, lilac, beige and orange. They look especially good in subtle colours such as cream and charcoal where they exhibit a refined sense of beauty.

Many a savvy homemaker has adopted one of these cotton hammam towels to create coverings and wall hangings that bring a soft and subtle elegance to any room.

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