Linen Bedding

Cooling in summer and insulating during winter, our breathable linen collections make for beautiful bedding throughout the seasons.

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100% Linen Bedding

Distinctively soft, dependably durable, and unmistakably classic, our 100% linen duvet covers and sheets transform bedrooms with their sheer style and usability. You can also easily combine linen bedding with other textiles and home accessories from URBANARA. 

Lovely bedrooms demand lovely bedding materials and this fabric is a true gift from Mother Nature. Whether in the form of sumptuous sheets, inviting duvet covers, or complete linen bedding sets, linen’s myriad qualities make it the dream fabric for today’s bedding.

The benefits of linen bedding

Comfort is key when it comes to duvet covers and sheets, and linen wins hands down all year round for bedding. Linen fibres are hollow which allows the free movement of air and moisture in your bedding. With a strength derived from the thickness of its fibres, linen is one of the most long lasting fabrics on earth and is also moth and fungus resistant, ideal qualities for bedding sets.

A clean and fresh sleeping environment is vital for healthy living and linen bedding helps by wicking perspiration away from the skin. It also naturally repels dust and dirt ensuring longer-lasting freshness in your bedding. 

What does linen bed linen feel like to sleep in?

As a fabric distinguished by its softness and breathability, a bed featuring 100% linen bedding is a joy to sleep in. Linen bed sheets and duvet covers are smooth and cool in any weather, and snuggling under a duvet or quilt with a linen cover is like being in a warm cocoon.

Owing to its large fibres, pure linen bedding does display a distinct noticeable texture, especially when newly spun. When new, linen bedding is crisper than cotton but over time becomes supremely soft.

How to wash linen bedding?

Linen bedding is wonderfully durable and actually improves with age. Another big plus is that linen bed linen resists dirt and stains. This means less washing is required and your bedding stays fresher longer.

The best way to keep linen bedding white and crisp is to cold wash it and then line dry your sheets and duvet cover in the fresh air. 

Quality Linen Duvet Covers and Bed Sheets

URBANARA's selection of high quality linen sheets and elegant linen duvet covers are available for single, double and king size beds. Our bed linen has a lineage as rich as the fabric itself. Fashioned from 100% linen from Belgium, acknowledged to be the world’s finest, the yarn is woven into sheets by textile experts in Portugal using traditional weaving techniques.

In addition, we stock complete linen bedding sets including white linen bedding, grey linen bedding, king size linen duvet covers and bed sheets as well as linen pillow cases.

Complimentary home accessories and textiles available in linen

We also offer a wide range of other bedroom textiles in linen, including bedspreads and comforters, curtains and cushions. A linen quilt or bedspread is perfect to combine with a linen sheet for the warmer summer nights when even a summer duvet is a little too much temperature wise. Linen cushions, can we used to pick up other patterns or colours in your bedroom décor, or make the guest bedroom look all that bit more welcoming. These, and other bedroom textiles can we stored away neatly at night in a wicker storage basket at the end of the bed.

Buy Linen Bedding in the UK with URBANARA

Shopping online with URBANARA offers convenient access to a rare selection of linen bedding and other home accessories. We source directly from producers, so we are able to provide a high quality product that’s made to last, but is equally a very affordable option for linen bedding.

Buy your new linen bedding today and enjoy free delivery on all over £50 anywhere on the UK mainland. In addition, shoppers can order with confidence as our Love at First Touch guarantee allows free returns for any reason within 100 days of purchase.