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Airy, light and above all, no need to iron – our breathable seersucker bedding is perfect all year round.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.


Cooling and light, seersucker bedding is ideal for the warmer months, but can be used year-round. The beautiful textured finish of a seersucker duvet cover will and a stylish touch to any bedroom, plus seersucker bedding is wonderfully low maintenance. One of textile design’s great all-rounders, seersucker bedding is the ideal addition to any bedroom.


Light, airy, breathable: these are just some of the benefits of adding a seersucker duvet cover to your bedroom. The breathable weave used to make seersucker bedding makes this wonderful fabric a great choice for spring or summer. Lightweight and cooling, some seersucker bed linen or a seersucker duvet cover will see you through warmer nights and stop you from overheating. Seersucker bed linen also boasts a wonderfully relaxed finish – the crinkled effect on the surface of your seersucker duvet cover means you don't have to iron it. Instead, use seersucker bedding to add a stylish, effortless look to your bedroom: the crinkled, relaxed texture of a seersucker duvet cover is perfect for a carefully-styled, low-key aesthetic.


The light weave of seersucker bed linen doesn't mean it should only be enjoyed during the summer months, however. The cotton yarn used to make seersucker duvet covers is excellent for temperature regulation, meaning your seersucker bedding will keep you well insulated during winter, too. Try layering cosy blankets and bedspreads over your seersucker duvet for extra warmth. The timeless, relaxed aesthetic of seersucker bedding will ensure your bedroom feels fresh all year round, no matter if it’s bright and sunny and the season for lightweight bed linens, or a cold winter, which means adding an extra cosy layer on top of your seersucker duvet cover.


Seersucker bed linen is simply stunning, and with its relaxed, effortless look, a white seersucker duvet cover can add a splash of laid-back elegance to any bedroom interior. Mix and match your seersucker duvet cover and seersucker bed linen in different shades for an eclectic look, or go for a pure white seersucker duvet cover for a classic look.

All-white bedding is a classic, elegant look for any bedroom, and a white seersucker duvet cover will give it an extra-relaxed touch. However, broadening your colour palette to include muted, matching shades will provide more variety: grey seersucker bedding is perfect for a softer ambience, and only enhances the timelessly stylish look of a bed adorned with seersucker bedding.


When choosing bed linens for your bedroom, think about your style and needs for each passing season. At URBANARA, we only use all-natural materials of the highest quality, and carefully source our pieces from craftspeople and producers with whom we have a close and fair relationship. For this reason, our seersucker bedding, just like all our other bed linens, will be classic, timeless pieces you can enjoy no matter the time of year.

The weave and non-iron aesthetic of seersucker bedding makes it the perfect choice for homes in search of some relaxed, elegant style. A seersucker duvet cover, and grey seersucker bedding especially, is a piece that will transcend trends and look good for seasons to come. By investing in good quality seersucker bedding, your bedroom will stay effortlessly stylish, and by choosing quality materials – our seersucker bedding is only made from either 100% pure cotton, or an all-natural cotton-linen blend – your lightweight seersucker bedding will aid your sleep throughout hot summer nights, and still keep you feeling fresh and comfortable, even when autumn and winter chills set in.

The most important thing about choosing the right bedding for you is that it’s comfortable, timeless and ensures you sleep soundly night after night: with our seersucker bedding collection, you’ll find a piece to keep cool and cosy, no matter the season, for a long time to come.


By shopping with us, you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that your seersucker bedding is made according to our high standards and ethos: each seersucker duvet cover or piece is made from all-natural materials, abides by our high-quality principles, and is a timeless design to appreciate in your bedroom, no matter what trends come and go.

When browsing for your home, each of our product pages provides extensive information about the item including colour, design, size, construction method and origin, so you can make the right decision for your décor. If you don’t absolutely love your order, it isn’t quite how you imagined it to be, or it doesn’t compliment your interior how you thought it would, you can send it back for free within 14 days, no questions asked, no annoying or secretive terms and conditions, just straightforward and easy online shopping.