Flannelette Bedding

Ideal for winter, our flannelette bedding made of 100% brushed cotton is incredibly cosy while remaining breathable and lightweight.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Flannelette bedding made from 100% brushed cotton

Flannelette bedding, also known as flannel or brushed cotton bedding is perfect for winter. Known for being one of the softest and cosiest bedding fabrics, flannelette bedding has a slightly fuzzy finish thanks to its brushed cotton nap. This short layer of soft fuzz actually traps heat around your body in your bed, keeping you incredibly warm throughout the night.

Why choose brushed cotton bedding?

Brushed cotton or flannelette bedding is ideal for those looking for super cosy nights – this super warm fabric makes for the softest and warmest flannelette sheets and flannelette bedding out there. Our brushed cotton sheets are also completely natural, so they're perfect for allergy sufferers – natural flannelette bedding is ideal for keeping you sweat-free and cosy at the same time, as brushed cotton is still breathable. Soft, cosy flannelette sheets are unbeatable for chilly nights.

Brushed cotton bedding is also a great choice for people with sensitive skin – the super soft flannelette fabric feels amazing against skin, and is free of harmful toxins. Overall, brushed cotton bedding or flannelette bedding is an ideal choice for almost everyone!

What are the benefits of flannelette sheets and duvet covers?

In addition to keeping you warm during cold nights without overheating, high-quality flannel bedding is naturally anti-static, too, so it won't attract dust.

Made from 100% cotton, flannelette sheets and duvet covers don’t cling on to odours or create an environment for mites and allergens to prosper.

What this means is that flannel sheets are healthy, and will provide much needed respiratory respite for people who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems. These properties, of course, make them appropriate for children's bedding, too.

Which size brushed cotton bedding do I need?

Selecting the right brushed cotton bedding size is important for comfort and the overall look of your bedroom – you’ll need different size brushed cotton sheets depending on the size of your mattress, and your brushed cotton duvet cover and pillow cases should of course fit your duvets & pillows.

Standard duvet cover sizes are 135x200 cm for a single duvet, 200x200 cm for a double duvet and 230x220 cm for king size duvet.

For fitted sheets, the standard sizes are 90x200 cm for a single bed, 140x200cm for a double bed, 160x200 for a king size bed, and 200x200 cm for a super king size bed.

Buy flannelette bedding online in the UK

Flannelette sheets and duvet covers make the perfect bedding for winter. Made of 100% pure cotton, our large selection of brushed cotton bedding sets is available in many colours and sizes - we offer brushed cotton bedding for single, double, king size and super king size beds.

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