Cashmere Blankets

Supremely silky and incredibly warm, our elegant range of cashmere blankets are the ultimate home luxury.

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Cashmere blankets

Why invest in a cashmere blanket?

Silky soft, incredibly warm, and absolutely gorgeous, cashmere blankets and throws are the ultimate luxury home accessory. Whether you’re shopping for a blanket for yourself or you’re looking for a blanket as the perfect gift, there’s no looking past this sumptuous cashmere.

Cashmere is one of the finest fibres on the planet. Each of the fibres is super fine and silky to the touch, ahen high-grade cashmere is woven, the result is an intensely soft, silky, lightweight fabric that is perfect for a blanket, and even soft enough for use as baby blankets.

What makes a cashmere blanket so warm?

A cashmere blanket will provide unbelievable warmth thanks to its special heating and temperature-regulating properties. These luxury blankets can be up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and much cosier than cotton, thanks to their hollow fibres, whilst weighing a fraction of a wool blanket in the same size. These qualities make this material perfect for winter accessories or wrapped around you as a pashmina – cashmere is guaranteed to keep you cosy!

Styling cashmere blankets

The finesse of cashmere fibre means that it possesses a natural, lustrous sheen, so doesn’t require adornment or bells and whistles to make it look naturally beautiful as a blanket. Even though cashmere can be left undyed, and you can find beautiful natural weaves in creams, browns and greys, the nature of the fibre also allows it to be dyed with both subtle and vibrant colours – so there’s bound to be a style of cashmere blanket that will suit your home. 

Cashmere blankets and cashmere throws can be woven in chunky finishes, basket weaves, or jacquard styles with fringing for a more traditional look. The fine cashmere yarns are perfect for intricate weaves, too: many of the styles in our collections are created using a jacquard weave, which produces subtle and timeless patterns that work well in every type of interior style.

Where can I use my cashmere blankets and throws?

Because it’s so soft, warm, and stylish, you can use your cashmere blanket in any room in the home, or even as a throw or oversized pashmina to cover your shoulders when you’re sitting outdoors on cold wintery nights.

In the bedroom, drape a cashmere throw over the bed for an extra cosy layer in winter. In the living room, blankets & throws add a touch of elegance to the room. Because it’s a timeless fabric, cashmere won’t go out of fashion as the trends (or seasons) change; no matter the weather or the look of the day, a cashmere blanket or throw is an investment that will look gorgeous with all of your furniture year after year.  

Cashmere blanket blends

If a 100% pure cashmere blanket is a little out of your budget, you can still enjoy the softness and warmth by investing in a cashmere blend. There are a few options available, but the most common are wool-cashmere blends and alpaca-cashmere blends.

These designs are usually made with around 30-50% cashmere, which elevates the overall finish to something luxurious and soft, without the price-tag of a 100% pure cashmere product.

Buy a cashmere blanket online

At URBANARA you can be sure that the quality of the cashmere that we source is only the finest grade. We source our cashmere solely from cashmere farmers in Mongolia and Nepal who have worked with these animals for generations.

Moreover, at URBANARA, only the softest cashmere fibres are used in our cashmere blankets & throws, which is the downy part of the goat’s coat found underneath the chin.Because we work directly with the producers and cut out the middle man, all our cashmere blankets are cheaper and far more affordable than on the high street. 

Buy cashmere blankets in the UK at URBANARA

At URBANARA, we specialise in high-quality home furnishings and homewares that are timeless in style and are designed to last in busy, modern homes. For our extensive and stylish collection of cashmere blankets, we work with producers in local communities who have been creating their wares for generations. By looking for the world’s best makers, we ensure that every piece in every one of our collections is made with care, and in the same working conditions that we’d expect for ourselves.

URBANARA offers free delivery on all orders over £50 to the mainland UK, no matter what the product, so you can shop confidently, with no added cost to you – we’ll deliver it securely packaged straight to your door.