Merino Wool Blankets

A prized natural fibre, a merino wool blanket is a soft and cosy treat on cold nights.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Merino wool blankets & throws

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Merino wool is perhaps one of the softest and most luxurious yarns out there. Naturally insulating, a merino wool blanket has been a favourite for centuries as it not only possesses the warmth of a regular yarn, it also lacks the itchiness and prickly feeling that sheep's wool can cause some people to suffer. This, and the fact that a merino wool blanket can be spun and dyed in such a vast number of ways makes it a perennial favourite for clothing and home textiles alike.

Advantages of a merino wool blanket

Not only does a merino wool throw keep you warm on a cold wintery night, it can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture and also has the ability to absorb odor, meaning your merino blanket stays fresher for longer and requires less cleaning. And, just as it absorbs moisture quickly, it releases it rapidly too, meaning your merino wool blanket will dry quickly if you do need to wash it. 

merino throw is also incredibly durable, and is woven to stand the test of time. This means a merino wool blanket suitable for any area in your home, whether draped across your sofa or wrapped around your shoulders when sitting outdoors on a colder evening. 

merino wool throw's super fine fibres mean it lacks the itch that wool can sometimes give you, and when woven these fibres create a super soft and smooth finish for your merino blanket. As a result, a merino wool blanket is a naturally non-allergenic material and suitable for those who suffer from allergies. 

Merino blankets are also made using a 100% natural process - the only elements needed for its production are water, air and grass (and, of course, merino sheep). This natural process means that a merino wool blanket is kinder to the earth and to those who harvest and weave it, as well as making it a bio-degradable and sustainable material. 

Merino blankets in your home

Merino blankets are the perfect choice for your home; thanks to the strength of the yarn, merino wool blankets are made to last and are a great investment for any interior space. Their insulating qualities make them the ideal choice for a cosy night in on the sofa, yet they are also suitable for bedrooms and even childrens' rooms thanks to their hypoallergenic nature.  

Merino blankets come in a huge array of colours and designs, from patterned and vibrant to smooth and subtle. Try matching your merino blanket with the colour scheme of your sofa and cushion covers to tie together your living room, or opt for a brightly coloured merino wool throw draped over crisp white bed linen to add a burst of style to your bedroom. 

The perfect sofa blanket

Thick and cosy yet easy to drape, a merino wool blanket is the ideal choice for your sofa blanket as it not only keeps you cosy, this natural fibre blanket will look simply great, too. A merino wool throw is ideal for your sofa as it can be used as a decorative sofa blanket draped over the back, or used for chilly evenings and movie nights to cuddle up in, thanks to the warming merino wool fibres. A merino wool blanket is also ideal for unexpected naps – you'll be glad to have such a luxurious sofa throw to nap in. 

When purchasing your merino blanket online, make sure that…

The wool used is of high quality. Your homewares and accessories will last much longer if they are made of 100% pure wool. Because merino wool is such a versatile fabric, it’s great news if you’re searching for a gift, too: beautiful merino wool blankets come in all styles and colours, are universally appealing, and are practical – so make the perfect gift for literally everyone. And don’t forget the little ones… which small person wouldn’t love kids’ blankets?

Buy a merino wool blanket in the UK

Merino wool blankets and throws are reliable, affordable, and come in many different styles and finishes that are available to browse and buy online. Remember that blankets aren’t just for sofas! Wool blankets make great bedspreads – so look for an extra-large size if you want it for the end of your bed.

If you need any more advice on choosing the right throws for your living room or bedroom, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly customer service team… you can take up to 14 days to fall completely in love with your new product… or your money back.