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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.


When summer arrives, and our thoughts turn to warm, lazy days at the spa, pool or seaside, it’s time to consider indulging in a luxurious beach towel. A must for drying down, covering up and keeping off the hot sand, designer beach towels and luxury beach towels belong in every savvy holidaymaker’s beach or travel bag.

What makes a beach towel special?

Beach towels have to be highly absorbent and fast-drying to do their job properly. Absorbency depends on the fabric, so the best material for beach towels is cotton. The speed at which cotton beach towels dry also hinges on the thickness of the material, so cotton beach towels are typically slimmer than bath towels. As a nice bonus, thin and lightweight designer beach towels, and even luxury or extra-large beach towels. are easy to fold up and slip into a beach bag.

Although they’re generally slimmer and more lightweight, designer beach towels tend to be larger than the bath towels we keep inside our homes. Spread out on the sand, extra-large beach towels need to be big enough to provide comfort and protection from the hot sand underneath. Beach towels range in length from 150 cm up to 180 cm, and oversized beach towels are available for those seeking an extra-large space to lounge on.

Above all else, beach towels, whether these are luxury beach towels or cotton beach towels, have to capture perfectly breezy, summertime aesthetics to match our sunny moods. When hotter temperatures hit, summer demands style and elegance. URBANARA offers a sumptuous range of naturally beautiful designer beach towels and luxury beach towels, all featuring exquisite designs that can light up a summer’s day.


Terry cloth is an incredibly absorbent material, and perfect for beach towels made from 100% cotton. With its uncut loops, terry cloth increases the surface area of the fabric. This makes it super absorbent, and ensures that your cotton bath towel is delightfully soft and fluffy.

A plush fabric crafted from cotton but finished with a smooth velvety feel, velour is also ideal for beach towels, and feels extra soft against the skin.

Crafting extra-large beach towels from a mix of these fabrics delivers the qualities of both in one cotton beach towel. To get the benefits of both finishes in one luxurious beach towel, it’s possible to weave beach towels with terry cloth on one side for absorption, and the other from velour for its exquisite, silky feel. More and more often, modern beach towels have woven cotton on one side, and terry cloth on the other.

How do I choose the right size of beach towel?

Beach towels are multipurpose beach essentials and they need to be large enough to provide for all our needs, whether that’s drying off after a long, refreshing dip, spreading out on a pool lounger for relaxing in the sun, or protecting us from hot sand at the beach. On average, beach towels are around 180 cm in length, which allows most people to lie down without touching the sand.

Depending on your needs, large beach towels can optimise comfort and coverage while lying on the ground. In addition, families looking to share a spot on the beach should choose large (size L) or extra large (XL) beach towels. These oversized or large beach towels measure up to 100 cm or more in width, which makes them ideal for using on the beach instead of picnic blankets for the beach.


Whether plain or colourful, striped or embellished with a geometric print, beach towels are versatile pieces, that will only provide more comfort and enjoyment on long sunny days. Match your mood with a patterned or bright beach towel: summer will feel even more vibrant and exciting when you’ve indulged in a luxury beach towel that elevates your beach holidays and experiences by the pool.



URBANARA’s buying team regularly scours the world for the finest luxury beach towels, and presents them to you as a product to treasure for summers and holidays to come. Our designs include plain or striped beach towels, and beach towels with geometric patterns – all created to provide you with a cotton beach towel your holiday plans deserve. Of course, it’s necessary to take care of your beach towel properly, so that you’ll feel good bringing it to destinations both far away and close to home.

To take care of your beach towel, it’s advised to follow our beach towel care instructions – only by doing this can you rest assured that your beach towel will travel well to the pool or the beach, or even further afield. We recommend washing our cotton beach towels at 30 °C, so that they’re soft, comfortable and perfectly plush.


Shopping online with URBANARA means you have browse beach towels made to live up to our high standards and unsurpassable ethos. Our collection will look equally good in the garden, by the pool, in the sauna, on the beach or even spread out on the deck of a yacht.

URBANARA’s designer beach towels are distinguished by sheer quality in terms of materials, design and manufacturing expertise, production methods, and attention to detail. We only work with artisans and craftspeople who take pride in their traditions, including textile weavers in Portugal.

The beach towels in URBANARA’s collection are timeless, naturally beautiful and made to transcend trends. Their styles and colourways are diverse: they range from a plain or striped creations to eye-catching patterns inspired by nature, geometry and tropical or exotic climes. Nothing makes a day at the seaside feel more luxurious than a big, soft beach towel, that’s comfortable enough to lounge on, and plush and absorbent enough to keep you dry.


For our extensive and stylish collection of beach towels, we work with producers in local communities who have been creating their wares for generations. Even for our beach towels, our ethos is to source naturally beautiful, timeless products, crafted with care, and made to last season after season. By looking for the world’s best makers for our beach towels, we ensure that every piece in every one of our collections is made with care, and in the same working conditions that we’d expect for ourselves.

For total peace of mind, customers can return any item free of charge within 14 days. It’s all part of what we’re proud to call our ‘Love at First Touch Guarantee’.