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Warmer days are here: get your outdoor space ready for al fresco dining and afternoons spent basking in the sun with our outdoor and garden accessories.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Stylish, high quality outdoor rugs, outdoor cushions and more outdoor accessories at URBANARA

No feeling is quite as magnificent as basking in your garden in warm rays of summer sun. Whether a trip to the beach, a picnic in the park, a morning coffee on your balcony, or reading your favourite book in your own back garden, URBANARA has the perfect garden decor and outdoor accessories to ensure your outdoor days are spent in the utmost style and comfort. Guaranteed to add a new level of luxury to any outdoor space, our range of outdoor rugsoutdoor cushions and picnic blankets are the perfect garden accessories for any outdoor occasion. 

Outdoor rugs and doormats - perfect garden accessories

Ideal for adding warmth, softness and colour to bare concrete or stone or as a neat balcony decoration, an outdoor rug can add an unexpected, yet stylish, element to your garden space. Our outdoor rugs are made from 100% recycled PET, a material that both looks and feels like cotton, and can be recycled time and time again. PET is a super durable material, ideal for outdoor use and garden accessories, and the dyes used are designed to fade less in sunlight over time than regular dyes. Our outdoor rugs are available in a range of bright, sunny colours and patterns, and are the perfect outdoor accessories for gardens or larger balconies. 

Essential garden accessories for keeping dirt and dust outdoor where it belongs, a doormat doesn't need to be all function with no style - our comprehensive collection of brightly coloured and patterned doormats are made from 100% jute, a naturally durable fibre that not only looks great, but is super efficient at picking up excess dirt from your shoes at your doorstep. 

Outdoor cushions for chairs as garden accessories

Nobody enjoys sitting on hard plastic garden furniture, or worse - hard ground. A padded outdoor chair cushion is the ideal antidote to this; our outdoor cushions are all encased in 100% cotton shells; a naturally durable material, cotton is also known for being naturally anti-allergenic and bacteria-resistant thanks to its breathable fibres. The covers of our outdoor cushions are made in a tight canvas weave, which makes the cotton fibres even stronger and the resulting fabric incredibly durable, ideal for heavy use and perfect for outdoor cushions

Our outdoor chair cushions are filled with 100% polyester, a material known for retaining it's plumpness and shape even after a lot of use, so your outdoor cushions will stand the test of time.

Picnic blankets as outdoor accessories

Nothing says summer quite like warm, sunny days spent feasting from a wicker basket on a picnic blanket. Whether with friends in the countryside, family at the beach, or at home in the garden, a picnic mat is the focus of fun and togetherness and the pinnacle of outdoor accessories. This makes finding the right one so important. With so many beautiful picnic mats, rugs and outdoor blankets on offer, it can be hard to make the right choice so here’s some savvy advice from URBANARA.

With its soft and sophisticated feel, cotton is the perfect natural material for picnic blankets. Cotton picnic blankets often come with polyester wadding for sumptuous padding. Another embellishment is a polyester bottom to protect against ground moisture. These cotton picnic blankets also fold up tightly allowing them to be popped into a bag for ease of storage and transport.

Shop for outdoor accessories and garden accessories with URBANARA

Shopping online with URBANARA offers access to a distinctive and affordable range of home furnishings that you won’t find on the high street. Buying from us also represents great value. Dealing directly with producers helps keep our costs low, allowing us to offer our customers singular and unique outdoor accessories at reasonable prices.

Plus, to ensure that our customers can buy with total confidence and peace of mind, we offer free 100 day returns on all purchases.