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Not too warm, not too cool, a summer duvet is the Goldilocks of bedding.

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  1. Zala Summer Duvet [White]
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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

What is a summer duvet and which duvet tog should you buy?

Everyone knows the importance of a good night's sleep; that's why it makes sense to change your duvet according to the season, opting for a heavier duvet to ward off the winter chill and a lighter summer duvet for the balmy months of summer. Made to high standards from high-quality materials, URBANARA's summer duvets come in a range of sizes (choose a single duvet or double duvet or king size summer duvet) and fillings, from airy cotton to sumptuous goose down, ensuring you can find the best summer duvet for you.

Summer duvets vs. Winter duvets – how they differ

A summer duvet and a winter duvet differ mainly in the density and thickness of their filling. As well as providing excellent thermal insulation, the heaviness of a winter duvet enables it to wrap itself around the sleeper's body in a snug layer. A summer duvet is a lightweight duvet with less substantial filling which results in a fluffier, feather-light feeling, making it the best duvet for balmy nights, but our finely crafted lightweight duvets still deliver a special sensation of comfort and cosiness.

Summer duvet tog ratings explained: Which duvet tog to buy

Duvet tog ratings are a measurement of thermal insulation. A summer duvet comes with a lightweight duvet tog rating which indicates how warm they will be. The lower the tog rating, the lighter the summer. Tog ratings run from a refreshing 4.5 tog duvet upwards, with the ideal summer duvet tog rating being a question of taste and circumstance. Choose a low tog rating for a lightweight duvet.

Choosing the right size summer duvet - single, double or king size summer duvet?

Naturally, the clearest way to determine which size duvet you should choose is to match it to your bed size - our summer duvets are available in single, double or king size summer duvet. However, don't let bed size tie you down to one duvet size - try a single duvet size in two separate duvets on your double bed, perfect for layering or sharing. Or, a double duvet on a queen size bed will give a little overhang at the edges, ensuring warmth doesn't escape out the sides. A king size summer duvet will do the same for a larger double bed. The options are endless!

Summer duvets: what materials can they be made from?

Summer duvets can be made from natural fillings - choose from cotton duvets, a goose down duvet, duck feather duvet or synthetic fillings like hollow fibre and microfibre. Natural fillings can't be beaten in terms of softness and thermal insulation; however, they may not be an option for sufferers of allergies. In that case, man-made materials offer a great alternative. At URBANARA, we stock a wide range, so you can find the best summer duvet for you.

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