Summer Duvets

Not too warm, not too cool, our summer-weight duvets are the Goldilocks of bedding..

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Summer Duvets

What is a summer duvet and which weight should you buy?

Everyone knows the importance of a good night's sleep. In particular, if you get too hot or too cold during the night, it can lead to feelings of tiredness in the morning. That's why it makes sense to change duvets according to the season, opting for a heavier one to ward off the winter chill and a lighter one for the balmy months of summer. Made to high standards from high-quality materials, URBANARA's summer duvets come in a range of sizes (single, double and king size) and fillings, from airy cotton to sumptuous goose down.

Summer duvets vs. Winter duvets – how they differ

Summer and winter duvets differ mainly in the density and thickness of their filling. As well as providing excellent thermal insulation, the heaviness of a winter duvet enables it to wrap itself around the sleeper's body in a snug layer. A summer duvet has a less substantial filling which results in a fluffier, feather-light feeling, but our finely crafted duvets still deliver a special sensation of comfort and cosiness.

Summer duvet tog ratings explained: Which tog duvet to buy

A tog is a measurement of thermal insulation. Most duvets come with a tog rating which indicates how warm they will be. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet, although it is worth remembering that it will be warmer still by the time the buyer adds an outer cover. Tog ratings run from a refreshing 4 through to a toasty 15, with the ideal summer tog rating being a question of taste and circumstance.

Tog rating - 4 and 4.5

Duvets with a 4 or 4.5 rating are the perfect choice for people who like to stay cool during warm summer nights. They're especially appropriate for bedrooms without air conditioning or muggy city apartments.

Tog rating - 8

A duvet with a tog rating of 8 offers a cosiness factor, while still being light enough for the warmer months of the year. It's a good selection for those living in chilly older properties or areas where the summers stay mild and temperate.

Tog rating - 12

While it can still be used in the summer, a duvet rated 12 is probably better suited to spring or autumn when temperatures can rise or drop unexpectedly. It's a sound option for customers who really feel the cold and prefer to err on the side of caution.

Which duvet size to choose

URBANARA duvets are available in three standard sizes, single (135 x 200 cm), double (200 x 200 cm) and king-size (225 x 220 cm). For a lavishly draped, visually appealing look, it's a good idea to choose a summer duvet that exceeds the measurements of the bed by at least a fifth. This also allows a little extra elbow room for the bed's occupants and ensures that there is plenty of fabric to go round.

Summer duvets: what materials can they be made from?

Duvets can be made from natural fillings such as cotton, down and feathers or synthetic fillings like hollow fibre and microfibre. Natural fillings can't be beaten in terms of softness and thermal insulation; however, they may not be an option for sufferers of allergies. In that case, man-made materials offer a great alternative. Besides being hypoallergenic, these synthetic duvets are easy to wash and dry on a regular basis, a process which helps to kill allergy-inducing dust mites.

Feather filled duvets for summer and winter

Feathers belong to a bird's tough outer covering and are distinguished by the stiff quill than runs down their middle. Smaller, fine feathers are preferred as larger ones can snap inside the duvet, creating prickly edges that become an irritant. While duck feathers are slightly heavier than those of geese and the down clusters are smaller, they still offer outstanding comfort and warmth.

Down quilts

Down comes from the softer parts of the bird such as the chest and underbelly. A piece of down has a tiny core called a plumule surrounded by delicate, silky fibres. Because down is an extremely efficient insulator, a summer duvet with a down filling can feel much lighter to the touch than the alternatives. Many of the most finely crafted duvets feature a blend of both down and feathers to create a satisfying combination of fluffiness and weight. Goose down is prized as an insulator because its large, snowflake-like clusters of fibres excel at trapping warm air. Duvets with a goose down filling are light and soft, giving a luxurious, high end feeling. Canadian goose down and European goose down both deliver exceptional performance.

Cotton-filled duvets for sensitive skin

Smooth, breathable and easy to maintain, cotton is the natural filling of choice for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. The URBANARA Koper cotton duvet is perfect for the warmer months given that it acts as a natural temperature regulator while remaining breathable.

Mircofibre duvets for allergy sufferers

A fifth of the width of a strand of human hair, polyester microfibre efficiently traps warm air, while its hypoallergenic properties actively ensure a good night's sleep for those with asthma and similar complaints. The Karp mircofibre duvet by URBANARA is therefore the perfect choice for those suffering with allergies or sensitive skin, while it remains as soft and comfortable as you could wish for.

Summer duvets – URBANARA standards and certifications

When buying a summer duvet, it's well worth noting what industry standards it complies with. An OEKO-TEX certification indicates that a product is environmentally responsible and that it is a healthy addition to the home. The NOMITE standard checks for chemicals that can cause discomfort for customers prone to allergies. Meanwhile, a Traumpass stamp indicates that a duvet uses only class I and II down, and a Daunacara logo signifies densely packed down that prevents the spread of dust mites.