Jute Runners

Bring a little nature indoors with our beautiful woven jute runners – textured, earthy and stylish, they instantly add warmth and life to your home.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Handwoven Jute Runners

When choosing a covering for your floors, a handmade jute runner or jute runner rug is a versatile piece, incomparable for its durability, texture and protection it lends to spaces. Jute is a natural, sustainable material renowned for its durable properties, which makes a jute runner an ideal choice either for the hallway, or other narrow spaces in the home which see a lot of everyday comings and goings. Aside from its durability, jute runners also enrich a room with their natural, earthy warm textures; jute runners’ tones and textures bring a muted touch to a space, for a natural look that’s sure to last season after season.

Jute runners for the hallway

No other material is as perfect for the hallway as jute, and jute runners are hard-wearing pieces which offer styling opportunities aplenty for this often overlooked nook in the home. As the hallway sees a lot of traffic, it’s important to lay a good cover to protect the floor, and the naturally durable properties of jute runners make it an ideal material for this purpose. Make sure your floor gets the attention it needs with jute hall runners: protect wooden floors from scuffs with a carefully-placed jute runner, and give carpets a longer lease of life with a jute runner that will take life’s wear and tear day after day, and still look naturally beautiful in the longer term.

With their woven, natural look, jute runners are also perfectly placed to give the hallway a timeless, earthy appearance that will elevate spaces: with the colouring options of our jute runners, the different woven patterns that jute runners can have, or the fringing and border options of jute runners, there’s a jute hall runner to suit all manner of interiors, both with its innate natural appearance, and the practicality jute runners lend to this hard-working space in the home.

Enhance your hallway with a multifaceted jute runner

There’s lots to consider when choosing the perfect jute runner for your hallway. Our jute runners come in many sizes: choose a 70x180 jute runner for narrower, shorter hallways, or an extra-long 80x250 jute runner for hallways that need some extra coverage.

The weave and pattern of jute runners are also important: with jute hall runners, we offer a selection of patterned weaves and with different borders and trims, so you can find the one to suit you.

Choose a jute runner for its durability – and its styling options

Our jute runners and jute hall runners are handmade from 100% pure jute, which makes them ideal for high-traffic areas such as entrances and hallways. Beyond this, however, look to jute runners and jute hallway runners for style inspiration for these much-used, much loved spaces.

Fibrous, handwoven jute adds warmth to your space; within the jute runners in our collection, we present a myriad of choices for jute runners regarding pattern and colour: block-toned jute runners, for example, or diamond-patterned jute runners. The warm hues and natural, tactile properties of each of these jute runners will elevate spaces with the styling options they create: as with any floor covering, the addition of a jute runner to spaces will add instant depth and texture to the overall aesthetic.

Why jute runners are a sustainable choice for your home

Jute is known as the ‘golden fibre’ because of its durability, but there’s many more reasons why jute runners or jute hall runners are an excellent choice for your home. Above all else, jute is a sustainable, 100% plant based product that’s ethical and natural, making jute runners an eco-conscious choice for modern interiors.

Jute is a fast-growing material cultivated in hot, humid climates, and when harvested and dried, the jute plant forms a tough, fibrous material used for everything from ropes to baskets, burlap sacks, and, of course, jute rugs and runners. Jute requires little resources and its crops replenish within a year, which is why, when considering the strength and durability of the material for creating the jute rugs and jute runners which form such a practical basis for our own entranceways and hallways, it’s a natural, eco-friendly choice.

We only use 100% pure jute for our handmade jute runners, so you can feel better knowing that what’s on your floor is a sustainable choice: we want our jute runners to be a perfect example of our ethos, and we want to know that you can enjoy our jute runners or jute hall runners in your home for their longevity and sustainability.

How to care for your jute runner

Jute runners are durable, versatile pieces, but even a hard-working jute runner needs some attention and care to make sure you make the most of its time in your hallway. Our jute runners have easy-to-follow cleaning instructions, ensuring it will be a piece you can truly treasure season after season.

The best way to clean your jute runner is to gently vacuum it, or shake it out. Vacuum jute runners with a brush nozzle so that they get the gentle touch they need. If your jute hallway runner is right beside the door and is destined to pick up a few everyday stains every now and again, consider a patterned jute runner; some of our handwoven jute runners come with diamond motifs and dark-coloured borders, which makes it easier to keep life’s little mishaps out of full view of the entrance or door. With these jute runners, there’s less worry about the rough and tumble, and footprints a lively home creates on a day-to-day basis.

Buy jute runners online at URBANARA

At URBANARA, we only pick the best materials for your home, and our jute runners are no exception. Handmade from pure natural materials, each of our jute runners is sure to be a piece for you to treasure for years to come.