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Soft, natural fibres are woven using time-proven techniques for blankets and throws that you'll love a lifetime, perfect for your bed or sofa.

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Blankets & Throws

Find the perfect blankets and throws

There’s so much to love about this humble living room accessory. Whether you use it to cover the end of the bed as an extra layer on a cold winter’s night, or you drape it over your sofa to always be cosy on movie nights, this is an accessory that your living room or bedroom is simply incomplete without.

Blankets and throws for every room

Don’t underestimate the value of having a few of these laying around the house! Give your living room the cosy treatment with one (or two!) on an armchair or couch. They’re simply wonderful to have when it’s cold out, or on lazy Sunday afternoons to pull over your legs and cuddle up under with a favourite book.

Especially for the guest room, it is a very useful addition to the home, because it doubles both as bedding, a bedspread, and a throw for the daytime. Plus, it helps your visitors feel cosy and at home. For the bed, they double as bedspreads so they can use their room for relaxing during the day, or for when they (or you!) need some down time.

During the night, having an extra throw or blanket handy can help ward off the chills in wintertime, doubling as an extra layer for your bedding… especially if you’ve got an oversized woollen blanket.

Throws and blankets made of 100% natural materials

In whichever room you’re going to use your woollen or cotton textiles, there is a lot to be said for choosing ones that are made from high-quality natural fabrics. The fabrics that are available are vast, and vary greatly in feeling (some are smoother or fluffier than others), style (chunky knit or smooth, fine weave, tassels or fringing), and price (a luxury blanket made from 100% cashmere will naturally cost more than a 100% cotton design). Deciding on the right one for you means understanding how often and where you’ll use it, who’s likely to use it, and how much you want to spend.

The great thing, though, is that natural fibres are just as easily dyed and styled as synthetic fibres, so whether you want a red throw for your sofa, a blue blanket for the bed, something more neutral to match a monochromatic or black and white décor or a bright green, yellow, or pink number, you can certainly find it in a natural material. Choosing natural homewares is really important for maintaining a healthy and fresh feeling home. It isn’t widely known, but man-made fabrics actually attract dust and provide a fertile breeding ground for nasty bacteria, dust mites, and other unwanted house guests.

Plus, natural fibres are better for the environment than plastic ones (because that’s exactly what polyester, nylon, and viscose are), so you’re contributing to a healthy environment both inside and outside you front door.

Throws & blankets – which material should you buy?

Cotton is a smooth, soft fibre, very breathable, and fairly lightweight. It’s less warm than its fuzzy counterparts, but this makes it a solid year-round addition to your home. Cotton is easy to care for and is a common fabric, meaning that cotton blankets and throws are versatile and very affordable. Because cotton is such a malleable fibre, it can be woven into almost any shape or pattern: a jacquard weave gives the material depth and texture, and is capable of creating chequered patterns and interesting woven designs into the blanket itself: so boring it is not! Unless the design includes a thick twisted fringe, cotton designs typically do not have fringing on the ends, and instead are finished with neat borders.

If you’re looking for a more traditional blanket with fringes, wool blankets are definitely a good way to go. Plus, if you have children and want a blanket or throw for the sofa, this fibre is a fantastic option: There are a few reasons for this, but in a nutshell, it’s because wool is incredibly hard wearing, is super easy to clean (just throw it in the washing machine on a wool cycle and job done), and it’s hypoallergenic (meaning that it is resistant to bacteria and mould and mildew, and can actually absorb airborne pollutants without re-emitting them into the room, so it can actively purify your air). If there’s a more perfect fabric for a family, we really don’t know of one…

…Except for maybe alpaca wool! Again, this is another wonderful choice if you’re looking for a blanket or throw that will be handled often, and to become a permanent feature of your sofa or couch. Why, you might ask? Alpaca is actually also very hard wearing but is softer and lighter than sheep’s wool. If your children or another family member have sensitive skin, for example, this is perfect because the fibre diameter is smaller than that of sheep’s wool, so has less of that itching effect. Alpaca wool is also warmer than the standard wool because the fibres are hollow, trapping the heat that your body emits. For this reason, alpaca blankets and throws are better than wool ones if you intend to use them directly on your skin to keep warm (rather than an extra layer on a bed). In this way, they’re ideal for use as a blanket coat or shawl too, if you’re one of those people who feel the cold a little more intensely than others.

If you’re looking for a luxe item that you can drape over your shoulders while lounging around on the couch, or over your legs when reclining on your bed, look no further than a cashmere design. Blankets and throws made of cashmere feel absolutely luxurious – sumptuous, silky soft, and are incredibly warm, too. A cashmere throw is comparatively extremely warm for its weight, and so like with alpaca, they are perfect to use as oversized scarves and shawls. These luxury blankets and throws are more delicate than what wool and alpaca styles are, so they are less appropriate for young children. They require dry cleaning, but it must be said that with the right care, a cashmere blanket is a life-long investment, and will serve to keep you toasty-warm winter after winter after winter. Because cashmere is rare, luxurious and labour intensive, it is the most expensive of these fibres so they are good for special gifts or treats.

Blankets and throws – shop online in the UK

At URBANARA, we have a huge selection of blankets and throws to suit all décors and interior styles, and because they come in all sorts of colours, finishes and sizes, there’s no place where a blanket doesn’t come in handy. All of URBANARA’s collections are made with timelessness in mind, meaning that our range is unique and high-quality, but will never become dated with passing fads. A classic striped blanket, for example, will always look at home in more traditional interiors, while a textural waffle weave will continue to win compliments in a contemporary home many years after you buy it.

Because all our blanket and throw collections are made with the highest-quality materials too, you can know for sure that it will pass the test of time, and with proper care, remain beautiful for many years to come.

Ordering from URBANARA is safe and easy, and if you spend over £50, we’ll include free delivery (it’s the case whenever you shop with us). Shipping is normally within a week and is delivered safely wrapped to your door.

For added piece of mind, we give you a 100 day free returns policy. We are serious in our commitment to quality and transparency, and will only source and stock blankets and throws that meet the highest consumer standards. We aim to describe all our collections in as much detail as possible, and in doing so, help you make the right decision for your home, from the comfort of your home. Of course, if your blanket or throw isn’t quite what you thought it would be, you have 100 days to send it back, for free, no questions asked. And that applies to gifts, too!