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Chunky weaves and hand-worked knots make our sustainable, vegan, animal-friendly jute rugs simply stand-out.

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  1. Nohar Rug [Rust orange/Sand/Olive green]
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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Natural Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are extremely versatile, 100% natural, and have a very soft finish with a matte, rather than shiny or lustrous look.

Despite being a plant fibre, natural jute rugs are relatively hard-wearing and durable, making them perfect for the living room and the foyer. Like cotton, jute rugs don’t contain any lanolin, and are manufactured using natural processes so are the perfect choice for people who suffer allergies or are sensitive to wool rugs.

Rectangular, runner and round jute rugs

At URBANARA, we offer a wide selection of jute rugs in different shapes and sizes. A jute runner rug would be great for narrow spaces, and add some natural warmth to your hallway. Click here to see our our jute runners. A round jute rug would add softness to a room, and could be used as a contrast to hard rectangular lines. Rectangular jute rugs can fill your living room with a natural, earthy ambience.

Most of our jute rugs are available in 140x200cm or 170x240cm for a small room, and 200x300cm jute rugs for larger rooms.

Click here to read our rug guide and pick the perfect rug for your needs.

Herringbone jute rugs and many more textures

Jute is a fine fibre that can be woven into beautiful rugs. Woven jute rugs can display very attractive, refined and intricate patterns. Herringbone jute rugs, two-toned designs or interesting textures are all possible with this material. Depending on the construction method, jute can have a smooth finish like cotton – which is perfect for use as kitchen rugs and runners – or a chunky, textural finish like wool – ideal for the living room or beside your bed.

Jute rugs: adds texture to your rooms & works with all décors

Jute rugs have a natural, earthy finish, and are commonly woven in a chunky knot or with a bouclé design. This textural finish jute rug will give your home depth and warmth, and will work to make your living room or bedroom feel cosier and more relaxed. If you have a traditional or country style home, a round jute rug will pull all of these elements together, grounding the look and feel of the space. If, on the other hand, you have a modern or contemporary style home, the sleek, glossy finishes will be broken up by the natural, textured character of a large jute rug.

Ethical jute rugs, supporting local communities

Jute rugs are made from the stem fibres of the plant of the same name. The plant is a sustainable resource because it’s renewable without huge environmental impacts. Jute rugs don't require chemicals in their manufacturing process, so you can rest assured your ethical jute rug will keep your home healthier.

At URBANARA, our collection of natural jute rugs is produced in the same regions where the fibre is grown, the design and craftsmanship benefiting from the generations of experience that local craftspeople, farmers, and producers have with the material.

This way, the jute rugs are manufactured in an ethical, sustainable way, which supports the local community.

How to clean a jute rug?

Jute rugs are very easy to care for, making it a great choice for use around the home. Similar to wool, a simple vacuum with a brush nozzle is all you’ll need to keep your jute rug looking wonderfully fresh and magazine worthy. Brown jute rugs will also help to conceal dirt.

As with most rugs which are not designed to be used for doormats, the longevity of your jute rug can be extended if it’s placed in an area where you don’t wear shoes; however it’s still hardy enough to be used as a jute hallway runner in high traffic areas such as hallways.

Wherever you decide to lay it, you can help to keep your jute rug and floor in good condition, and make sure it stays in place on tiles and other smooth flooring, by using a carpet underlay. It doesn’t need to be as large as as the rug to work: a few centimetres overhang of your large jute rug is fine.

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Don't forget to add a rug underlay to protect your floor and prevent slipping.

We also offer delivery outside the UK. To get a cost or quote, view our delivery conditions, or get in touch with our friendly customer service team from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm GMT from Monday to Friday.