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Combining comfort, practicality, and style, our picnic blankets elevate outdoor dining to levels Jane Austen would revere.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Picnic Blankets

A perfect picnic blanket for stylish summer fun

Ah, the pleasures of picnics. Nothing evokes the spirit of summer quite like days spent feasting from a wicker basket on a picnic blanket. Whether with friends in the countryside, family at the beach, or at home in the garden, a picnic blanket is the focus of fun and togetherness. This makes finding the right picnic blanket so important. With so many beautiful picnic blankets, picnic rugs and outdoor blankets on offer, it can be hard to make the right choice. Here’s some savvy advice on choosing the right picnic blanket or picnic rug, to bring you closer to finding the picnic blanket that will make your summer al fresco feasts ones to remember.

Choosing the right picnic blanket

The perfect picnic blanket must display some special qualities. It must be water-resistant enough to resist moisture, and robust enough to handle rugged outdoor use. A picnic blanket must be soft enough for comfortable lounging in the grass. And your picnic blanket must have a sense of breezy elegance, that makes a statement about the spirit of summer. With our range of picnic blankets and picnic rugs, there will be a picnic blanket to suit your needs perfectly: available in a palette of summertime hues, pastel colours and patterns, each of our picnic blankets is as perfectly formed and individual enough to match your ideal dreamy summertime afternoon or evening spent lounging in the park or garden.

Picnic blankets – materials galore

Forget sticky plastic picnic blankets: a contemporary picnic blanket or picnic rug comes in a wide range of materials. These picnic blankets include natural cotton, synthetics, blends of cotton and linen, and hybrids with synthetic bottoms and natural tops for a perfect waterproof blanket to lay your wicker picnic basket on.

Consider which materials will match your needs when choosing a picnic blanket: when picnicking on the grass in gardens and parks, it’s likely that your picnic blanket will be the only barrier between you and moist flora and topsoil. In this case, it’s important to choose a picnic blanket that has a water-resistant underneath to keep you dry. Picnic blankets and rugs are meant for enjoying those moments spent outdoors, and if your choice of picnic blanket keeps soggy bottoms and wayward grass at bay, then yours will be a picnic blanket to treasure for all the breezy afternoons in the sun to come.

Which picnic blanket to choose

Nothing beats picnic blankets and beach mats in cotton canvas, or a cotton-linen blend, for sheer natural softness. Alternatively, a wool picnic blanket with rubber backing is the perfect way to stay dry. Another option is to place a polyester mat on the ground and lay a soft wool blanket on top to create a waterproof, homemade picnic blanket.

With its soft and sophisticated feel, cotton canvas is a perfect material for picnic blankets. Cotton picnic blankets often come with polyester wadding for sumptuous padding, meaning that your picnic blanket will offer some extra comfort and support while lounging and daydreaming in the grass. These cotton picnic blankets can be rolled up tightly, allowing them to be popped into a bag for ease of storage and transport. After all, picnic blankets and picnic rugs need to lightweight and easy to carry, so that they can accompany you on all your summertime adventures, both in the garden, and beyond.

Often, picnic blankets may be made from synthetic materials, or feature synthetic materials as part of their construction. While these picnic blankets may lack the natural feel of cotton canvas or a cotton-linen blend, synthetic materials can have their advantages when choosing a picnic blanket or rug. For one thing, materials such as nylon are waterproof. After all, nothing puts a damper – literally – on a ground-lounging day out than soggy grass. In this case, picnic blankets with a top layer made from natural materials, and a bottom layer from a synthetic, water-resistant material offer the best of both worlds.

Which size picnic blanket to choose

When it comes to picnics, it’s often a case of the more the merrier! A large picnic blanket is a smart investment – families and large groups need more space to sit comfortably, so a large picnic mat is sure to offer enough seating options for everyone.

Picnics are festive occasions, so picnic blankets and picnic rugs need to be both roomy enough to accommodate everyone and robust enough to cope with the occasion. A large picnic blanket or picnic rug with a nylon backing is perfect for such picnics. The ideal picnic blanket should be easy to transport, no matter if it’s a large picnic blanket or smaller picnic rug – picnics should be spontaneous and fun, so your picnic blanket or picnic rug should be able to travel with you.

With a backdrop of lapping waves, and the smell of the ocean air, a beach is a perfect spot for rolling out the picnic blanket and enjoying some time beside the open water. A bright and breezy beach mat or picnic mat from cotton canvas is perfect for stretching out and reclining after a quick dip or paddle, but a larger, more traditional picnic blanket is often a better choice for those who like their picnic blankets to be a space for communal meals; that way, everyone can gather round the picnic blanket and enjoy their time at the beach together.

Find your dream picnic blanket at URBANARA

Shopping online allows access to a select range of picnic blankets and picnic rugs not available on the high street. URBANARA’s picnic blankets and picnic mats feature a blend of timeless style with natural materials which will make them a popular piece for many a summer summer. Browse the picnic mat, picnic rug and picnic blanket collections at URBANARA to discover our rich, varied collection of picnic blankets, and to make it easier to choose the picnic blanket to suit you and your favourite outdoor spots, season after season.