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Woven using only the softest, downiest wool, our alpaca blankets are simply irresistible.

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Why choose an alpaca blanket?

An alpaca blanket has many advantages which makes it a worthy investment for any home. Sumptuously soft, incredibly warm, hypoallergenic and durable, a blanket made of this fibre is perfect for (almost) every room in the house, and even suitable for babies and young children.

While it is considered a luxury fibre and is high in the silky-softness stakes, alpaca wool blankets are cheaper than cashmere and only slightly more expensive than sheep's wool. If you consider the fact that a good quality design will last an entire lifetime, they are actually incredibly affordable, and an investment you'll never regret.

Warm alpaca wool blankets

Alpacas are native to the Peruvian highlands, where temperatures often fall well below zero degrees. The animals' coat is their only protection against this bitter cold, and so their wool possesses extremely effective insulating properties. How? Alpaca wool is naturally heat-regulating thanks to its hollow fibres. Similar to mohair blankets, these special hollow yarns trap your body heat more effectively than wool, and so help to keep you warm and cosy, even on the coldest of days. Because alpaca wool also has a natural fuzz (unlike cotton blankets, for example) alpaca blankets trap more warm air and so heats you up, while remaining breathable, so you won't sweat or overheat like you might with dense, synthetic fibres.

Soft alpaca blankets and alpaca throws

This fibre is a good choice for young children, whose skin is more delicate, and people with sensitive skin because it is particularly soft and supple. For people who find sheep's wool to be prickly, too, an alpaca wool blanket or an alpaca throw offers cosy comfort.

Alpaca wool feels similar to very fine merino wool, and can also be compared to cashmere blankets. Unlike merino wool, however, 100% baby alpaca wool is warmer, and unlike cashmere, which can be outside of many people's budget, even the finest baby alpaca blankets are comparatively affordable!

100% baby alpaca blankets vs. alpaca wool blends

Occasionally, alpaca wool will be blended with another wool before the yarns are woven into a throw; there are several reasons for this, depending on what fibre it has been mixed with.

Baby alpaca wool is also blended with standard sheep's wool. Doing this decreases the price of the blanket (since wool is cheaper and less rare than alpaca), but gives the overall design a softer, warmer feel because it takes away the prickly feeling that wool blankets can sometimes have.

Every so often, alpaca is also blended with cashmere. Alpaca-cashmere blankets are cheaper than 100% pure cashmere blankets, since cashmere is one of the rarest and most labour-intensive fibres to produce. The blend, however, still creates a home accessory that is delightfully soft, sumptuous, and luxurious: the perfect thing to treat yourself with.

Styling alpaca wool blankets in your home

Thanks to their extremely soft fibres, alpaca wool blankets have a natural lustre that catch the light, making them look and feel simply luxurious. For this reason, these simple home accessories can really add a touch of style and elegance to your home, helping it look and feel more stylish, but also more comfortable.

At URBANARA, our affordable and high-quality range of alpaca blankets and throws are available in dozens of colours, hues, patterns and designs. Whether you're looking for a thick, rustic design for a traditional living room, a pop of bright colour for a modern bedroom, or an elegant style with tassels or fringing, we've got a beautiful alpaca blanket to suit any style and budget.

Alpaca blankets for the sofa

In the living room, drape an alpaca throw blanket over your lounge chair or sofa for an extra touch of cosiness and style. On your next movie night, or when you're curling up on the couch on a lazy Sunday, you're bound to reach for it time and time again. If you're looking to redecorate or give your living room a bit of flair, you don't need to invest in new furniture for a fresher look; a baby alpaca blanket in a complementary or contrasting hue will give life to an old couch. Often you will find there are matching cushions available too - going for either a matching, or simply complementary, fabric and design can give your room a professionally designed look.

Alpaca blanket weaves and finishes

Because baby alpaca wool is a versatile fibre that can be woven into different finishes, there is a wide range of different knits and weaves available. A chunky basket weave, for example, would be the ideal finishing touch in a room with traditional décor, but could also help to soften the look of a sleek, contemporary style room - try a blanket with fringing to offset clean, minimalist angles in a room. 

For a more lustrous finish, a smooth twill weave produces an extremely fine, light alpaca throw that is nonetheless durable and resilient, and has an absolutely stunning drape that will look velvety when hung over the arm of your furniture.

For a two-toned or patterned design, a jacquard woven alpaca blanket produces gorgeous intricate finishes that are beautiful even from afar. This style is perfect if you're looking to introduce a little texture and pattern into your room, but want something elegant and refined.

Finding the best alpaca blanket for the bed

In addition to bedspreads and quilts, an alpaca throw can be a welcome extra layer in the middle of winter; because it's so warm despite being lightweight, this humble accessory draped over your bed will keep you super cosy without feeling like you've been the victim of a blanket avalanche. Not only for night time use, an alpaca throw for the bed will become a firm favourite during the day too, when you're reclining on your bed and reading, or relaxing at the weekends.

Because alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, it will help promote healthy and deep sleep, even for those who suffer from allergies. And unlike synthetic fibres which actually attract dust (not exactly what you want from your bed linen!), alpaca wool is anti-static and won't attract nasty bed mites or allergens.

When looking for the best alpaca blanket for the bed, consider how warm you'd like it to be: the heavier the blanket, the more wool that is used and thus the thicker it will be, keeping you warmer than a finely woven design. To check the weight of each of URBANARA's alpaca blankets, simply refer to the 'Details' section, available on each product page.

Alpaca throw blankets as gifts

Because alpaca wool blankets are soft, warm and lustrous, they are considered luxury blankets, making the perfect gift for someone special. There's simply no such thing as too many blankets, so whether they use it in the guest room, in the living room, the bedroom, as a kids' blanket or as a throw for their shoulders when they're sitting outside on chilly nights, it's a versatile gift that everyone is sure to love.

What size alpaca blanket should I buy?

When buying an alpaca blanket online, there are many sizes available. For kids or babies, you may like to opt for something slightly smaller, or even a knee blanket which is around 70 x 100 cm in size. For an alpaca throw for the lounge or sofa, something slightly bigger, in 140 x 170 cm for example, will ensure that you can comfortably wrap up while reading or watching a film, or even share it with someone (if absolutely necessary). If you're looking for an alpaca throw for the bed, opt for a large or extra large size to ensure that you're fully covered; URBANARA sells a variety of sizes, from baby alpaca blankets up to 140 x 220 cm... so there'll be plenty of blanket to snuggle up in.

Buy 100% pure baby alpaca blankets online at URBANARA UK

At URBANARA, we have scoured the globe to find the perfect partner suppliers to produce our alpaca blanket collections. Each of our blankets is lovingly made in Peru with the highest grade, 100% baby and young alpaca wool. What's more, many of our collections are certified with Fairtrade, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 or other independent certifications ensuring that you're only getting the best.

Each of our blankets goes through a rigorous quality control system, and we make sure to include as many details about our products online as possible, so you can shop confidently. But if you don't absolutely love your product, or it doesn't look quite how you imagined it would in your home, you can return it for free within 14 days, no questions asked. This applies for gifts, too, so if you're looking for the perfect house warming present for a loved one, or a gorgeous, long-lasting gift for a wedding present or special occasion, know that buying alpaca blankets online from URBANARA is easy and stress-free... just the way it should be.