Give your floors some extra spark (and protect them to boot) with our smart, colourful range of runner rugs.

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  1. Palama Runner [Grey melange]
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    From £221.00
  2. Naya Jute Runner [Natural/Ivory/Natural white]
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    From £125.00
  3. Sarenga Wool Runner [Natural melange]
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    From £132.00
  4. Vadi Wool Runner [Grey/Natural white]
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    From £169.00
  5. Duburi Jute Runner [Pale terracotta & Natural white]
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    From £119.00
  6. Nagar Wool Runner [Silver grey melange]
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    From £251.00
  7. Beni Runner [Natural white/Charcoal melange]
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    From £185.00
  8. Beni Runner [Natural white/Charcoal melange]
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    From £185.00
  9. Ravi Runner [Off-white/Grey]
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  10. Ravi Wool Runner [Grey melange]
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  11. Ravi Wool Runner [Natural white]
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  12. Ravi Runner [Silver grey]
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  13. Pugal Wool Runner [Ochre & Natural white]
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    From £110.00
  14. Palama Runner [Off-White melange]
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    From £221.00

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Runner rugs

Practical, style-enhancing, and statement-making, the right runner can be the perfect finish to your hallway, dining room, lounge or bedroom, whilst helping to protect your flooring in high-traffic areas. No matter what type of floor you have, URBANARA has high-quality runner rugs to suit all interiors and floor finishes, from wood flooring to tiles and laminate. All URBANARA’s runner rugs are made with high-quality natural materials. We also create all our collections by going directly to the producers, so when you buy runner rugs from us, you know that you’re getting only the highest quality pieces at fair prices, without the middle man costs. 

Why use a runner rug?

Although they are typically placed in the hallway (and perfectly suited for it), a runner rug can make a beautiful statement in all rooms in the house, its usefulness going far beyond the entrance of your home. Perfect for smaller spaces and tight budgets, here are a few more uses for a runner that you may not have first considered.

Hallway runners

This is the most obvious place for this home accessory, but there’s a lot to be said for placing a carpet runner in the hallway. First, the floor near the entrance to your home gets a good run for its money, being heavily trafficked with shoes that have just been traipsing around outside.

A good quality runner rug will protect your flooring from wear and tear, as well as helping to trap some of the dirt and grime caught in your soles before you carry it through the house. It will also provide a bit of comfort underfoot if you remove your shoes at the doorway, especially in the winter time.

A hallway runner will also help with insulation in the colder months, because adding an extra layer to bare surfaces helps to trap heat and decrease heat loss through the floors. By laying down a rug protector first, you’ll give your home even more insulation and will help to protect your flooring at the same time.

How to create a warm welcome with a hallway runner, even if you don’t have a hallway

For small homes that don’t have a hallway, laying down a runner will help to divide a larger, open plan space, and visually partition a room so that you have a feeling of an ‘entrance’ zone. By hanging a few coat and hat hooks on the wall next to it, or a small stool at the end for putting on shoes, you can create the feel of a hallway without actually having a corridor.

Whether a big hall or small, carpet runners are a fantastic way to create a ‘grand entrance’: a bright, bold pattern will liven up the hall and set the scene for a contemporary or eclectic style home. A Scandinavian style runner rug in black and white or grey will look gorgeous against wood flooring and will actually help to bring out the beauty of the wood. For a more traditional look, opt for a runner in neutral shades that complement your furniture; consider finding a contrasting hue that helps your other accessories to pop.

A runner rug for the foot of your bed

Having a long trunk or bench at the foot of the bed is a really nice addition to a bedroom. You can make it extra cosy and complete with a runner, which will also lend the room a pleasing symmetry with the bedhead. For a single or double bed, go for a runner that’s around 170 cm in length. For a queen or king size bed, you can opt for something extra-long, up to around 250 cm in length.

Once you know which length you need, you can focus on the colour and design. A nice way to style your bedroom is to match the runner with bedspreads & quilts, artwork, or other home accessories. Unless you have different sets of bed linen in identical colours, it’s a good idea to choose a runner rug colour based on a more ‘permanent’ design feature in the room… after all, your bed linen (should) be changed every week or so; your different coloured linens should all compliment whatever design you choose to lay on your floor.

Runner rugs for the living room

Carpet runners also make sophisticated accents to a living room. In the same way that a runner placed at the doorway can create the appearance of an entrance by dividing the room, using one behind sofas & chairs will naturally partition a space. If you have a small reading corner, for example, placing an armchair, a floor lamp and a coffee table on a short runner in a narrow room will give you the feeling of a separate area.

If you have a large living room, lay a runner behind the sofa, underneath a side table. This will conceal the back of the furniture, which is not a comely look, but will make the table look more in place and settled… in other words, slightly more ‘on purpose’ than if you were to use just a side table.

Runner rugs for the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is one of the rooms that’s likely to look a little more ‘loved’ than others… especially the floor! To avoid carrying crumbs, oils and dirt through the house from the kitchen or dining room, laying a large runner rug down in the work area (in front of the stove and sink) is a time-saving tip and one that will help keep your house clean and tidy.

What material runner rugs should I buy?

Runner rugs for the hall especially should be very hard-wearing - look for natural materials that are durable and long-lasting, and won’t fray like their synthetic counterparts. 

Jute runners are more commonly used for hallways, whereas wool runners which are particularly soft and cosy, would make a better choice for the side of the bed. A wool & cotton rug blend is great for all rooms.

Cotton is also a good choice of material for kitchen runners because they are often machine washable.

Styling your runner rug

You should style a hallway runner in the same way you would a rug. If you’re beginning to redecorate a whole room, it’s a good idea to select the rug first, then pick out the colours of the rug and replicate them in other areas of your décor.

If you’re adding to an already decorated room, pick a runner rug than complements a piece of furniture or your accessories, like a sofa throw or cushions. If you have black or grey curtains for example, a mottled grey runner or a design that features black and grey hues will blend in and create a visual sense of calm.

Buy hallway runners online in the UK

Once you’ve decided on the length you need, it’s easy to buy carpet runners online. At URBANARA, we are proud to provide dozens of unique yet elegant designs at very affordable prices. All the materials that we use for our rugs and runners are top-quality and made to last, so you can be sure that when you invest in a piece from us, you’re investing in a piece that you’ll love forever, and which won’t go out of style.

In addition, URBANARA offers delivery across Europe. We work hard to make sure that our descriptions are thorough and give you the best possible idea of how our collections will look in your home. But if you find that it wasn’t quite how you had imagined it, you can send it back for free within 14 days, no questions asked.