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Sleep peacefully in the softest, cosiest bedding made from the finest natural fabrics out there – sweet dreams!

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  1. Montrose Bedding [Light grey]
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    From £77.00
  2. Montrose Bedding [Grey]
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    From £77.00
  3. Mafalda Linen Bed Linen [Dark grey]
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    From £153.00
  4. Alvalade Bedding [Natural/Green grey]
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    From £134.00
  5. Cercosa Bedding [Green grey/White]
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  6. Agrela Bedding [Charcoal/Light grey]
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  7. Cercosa Bedding [Dark blue/Natural]
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  8. Montrose Bedding [White]
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  9. Tolosa Linen Bed Linen [Light grey]
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    From £93.00
  10. Tolosa Linen Bed Linen [White]
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  11. Tolosa Linen Bed Linen [Green]
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  12. Manteigas Percale Bedding [Dark grey blue]
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  13. Mata Cotton Bedding Set [Dark Blue Grey]
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    From £63.00
  14. Mafalda Linen Bed Linen [Light green grey]
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    From £146.00
  15. Mata Cotton Bedding Set [Dusty Rose]
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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

The starting point for a great night's sleep: perfect bedding

What’s the secret to a good night’s sleep? Comfortable, cosy surroundings, where we can feel secure and warm enough to drift off, and get the slumber we need. Building those surroundings required a few key pieces, and choosing the right duvet cover and bed linen will make the most of your bed, and create the perfect environment you need to snuggle up, and sleep in dreamy comfort.


For a deep, uninterrupted sleep, the difference that duvet covers made from natural materials can make is truly remarkable. For a start, high-quality duvet covers made from natural fibres feel simply delightful to sleep in. Duvet covers and bed sheets in natural fibres such as cotton are a healthier choice for the home – even more so if anybody in the household is an allergy sufferer. For this reason, natural duvet covers and pillow cases are also perfect as children's bedding.


In essence: when your bedding is made from natural materials, it’s better for you and your home. All of URBANARA’s duvet covers and bed linen sets are made from 100% pure natural materials, and many of our duvet covers and bed sheets have the organic seal of approval attached. The cotton grown for organic cotton bedding is grown free of pollutants that may be harmful for your home and the planet.


Natural bed linen and duvet covers made from pure natural materials, such as cotton duvet covers or linen duvet covers, will have a longer lifespan in your home than bedding made from non-natural fibres. Synthetic fabrics are more likely to pile, which means they become less soft and less beautiful after only few washes and some slight wear and tear. That’s why duvet covers in natural fabrics like organic cotton and linen are some of our favourites – natural fibres such as these mean that your duvet cover stays more beautiful and becomes even softer over time.


Thread count is an oft-referenced quality measurement for bedding, but there are other things that are more important for the overall feel of the duvet cover that you should consider even before looking at the thread count! Material, finish and quality certification all come into play, and can really impact the quality of your bedding sets and duvet covers.

Note that a particular bed linen thread count doesn’t mean that the duvet cover is of a certain quality. Rather, it can be a good indication as to the silkiness and smoothness of the overall fabric, and the texture of the final duvet cover.

Not sure what bedding to buy? Click here to read our bedding guide.

Single or double bedding?

Selecting the right bedding and duvet cover size is important for comfort and the overall look of your bedroom. At URBANARA, we offer duvet covers for single, double and kingsize beds.

For a double mattress (140 x 200), single duvet covers and duvet covers will give you a 20 cm (sides) and 30 cm (foot) overhang, double duvet covers will give you a 50 cm (sides) and 65 cm (foot) overhang.


Choose soft colours for an elegant, relaxing bedroom design, such as white, cream or grey duvet covers. Using other earthy, warm colours such as pigeon blue or terracotta for bedding adds a calming, warm accent to interiors, and helps make the bedroom the restful place of solace and recuperation you need for a good night’s sleep.

With a duvet cover in natural-inspired tones, creating a peaceful place is easy and intuitive. A cream duvet cover set or white duvet cover set creates a fresh, crisp atmosphere in brighter seasons such as spring and summer, whereas grey bedding or a grey duvet cover is more muted and Nordic, and is perfect for closing in the nights as the days start to draw shorter and shorter.

In summer, white bed linen or a white cotton duvet cover makes a room feel more airy and cooler, balancing out those hot, balmier nights. To create a contrast, use darker bed linen in chillier seasons: a grey duvet cover is cosier for autumn and winter, when we want to snuggle up and feel as cocooned from the cold weather outside as possible.


Shopping for duvet covers, bed sheets and matching pillow cases online with URBANARA offers access to a distinctive and affordable range of home furnishings and textiles, as well as high quality, natural bedding, that you won’t find on the high street. Buying bedding and duvet covers from us also represents great value.

As part of our quality shopping experience, to ensure that our customers can buy with total confidence and peace of mind, we offer free 100 day returns on all purchases.