Udaka Outdoor Rug

Dark blue - three sizes100% recycled PET


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This 100% recycled PET collection feels soft like cotton but is extremely water resistant and quick drying, so ideal for use out of doors. PET is a very durable material which looks and feels like cotton, and which can be recycled. The dyes used are designed to withstand UV rays, but like all coloured surfaces, will fade over time with prolonged exposure to sunlight. We therefore recommend rolling up when not in use.

Udaka Outdoor Rug [Dark blue]
Details & careMaterial: 100% recycled PET
Construction: Handwoven plain weave
Reversible: Yes
90 x 130 cm - 1.9 kg
140 x 200 cm - 4.5 kg
170 x 240 cm - 6.5 kg
70 x 180 cm - 2 kg
Made in: India
Certifications: Care & Far

Care: We recommend vacuuming this rug regularly to keep it clean. Spot clean stains as they occur.