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Pack away seasonal pieces and keep surfaces clutter free with our practical (and stylish) storage solutions.

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  1. Dasai Basket [Natural/Grey green]
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  4. Chenab Basket [Natural]
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  5. Chenab Storage Basket [Natural]
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  6. Chenab Storage Basket [Natural]
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  7. Dasai Basket [Natural/Pink]
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  8. Dasai Basket [Natural/Pink]
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  9. Kangto Basket Set [Natural/Pink]
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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Jute storage baskets

These lovely storage solutions from URBANARA can transform a cluttered home into a neat and orderly – and stylish – sanctuary.

Clutter is the bane of modern life as books, toys, clothes, laundry, and countless other items not currently needed take up valuable space, especially in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Luckily, help is at hand in the form of the fine storage solutions which you can shop online for at URBANARA.

Our line of practical baskets, boxes and trunks come in a myriad of styles ranging from minimalist Scandinavian to tropical Javanese. Lovingly hand-woven from materials such as rattan, seagrass and bamboo, our baskets will make short work of any storage problems while adding a charming natural touch to any room.

What to use storage baskets for ?

Storage baskets can be used throughout the house to maintain order by stashing away everything from laundry to books. They’re the heavy lifters of the storage world but that doesn’t mean they need to be dull. Quite the reverse. URBANARA’s collection features a lovely range of hand-woven storage baskets that radiate a beguiling sense of style while keeping everything safe, clean and in its proper place.

Storage baskets – great for the laundry and much more

One major storage task is keeping dirty clothes, towels and bed linen safely out of the way between washing days. URBANARA’s range of storage and laundry baskets are the perfect storage solution. Great looking in any setting, they feature handy touches such as removable cotton linings, firm-fitting lids and stable handles. Lined laundry baskets are especially important because it prevents linens and clothes from snagging, and in fact, our baskets function as handy portable linen closets – completely lined and breathable – to keep laundry out of sight until wash day. The removable lining allow the inner fabric to be washed as and when you want, keeping your home just that bit more fresh and tidy.

Several of URBANARA’s extra large laundry baskets also have separate compartments to make separating colours from blacks and whites easy.

While perfect for housing dirty laundry, they are also ideal for use as linen trunks in the bedroom or an airing cupboard. They allow the air to circulate and, especially with a natural lavender sachet or similar, will keep your linens smelling fresh.

Our lovely rattan baskets also serve perfectly as general storage for a wide range of items, too: from shoes, books and magazines to pillows, bedspreads, throws and blankets, if it needs storing, our storage boxes are suitable.

What are storage trunks, baskets and boxes made from

In line with our eco-friendly worldview, our storage baskets and boxes are mostly made from natural materials. Along with bamboo, rattan, seagrass, linen and cotton, we also value the qualities of more exotic fibres such as pandan and banana leaves, water hyacinth, and straw. Each design has been handmade by expert craftsmen and women who have been fairly compensated for their work, and whose crafting skills were passed down by generations; so you know each basket will stand the test of time.

Other materials for woven storage boxes and containers

While favouring the organic, we do use synthetics when warranted. One example is our CHAMPA range of laundry and general storage baskets, boxes and racks. These include items fashioned from a cotton blend fabric to ensure a desirable resistance to mould and moisture.

Woven rattan storage baskets

Rattan is the dream material for storage baskets owing to its durability and timeless wicker weave style. Strong enough for any job and refreshingly lightweight, wicker storage baskets also add an appealing texture to any space. In particular, white storage baskets made from rattan bring a lovely sense of relaxation to bedrooms and living rooms.

Wicker rattan storage boxes

Long a staple for making baskets and furniture in the Far East, it creates an evocative tropical, warm mood in any home. URBANARA offers a lovely rattan stool and storage box combo that’s as elegant as it is practical. Our collection also contains wicker storage baskets. Made from rattan, they look wonderful and treat clothing with the care it deserves.

Seagrass storage containers

URBANARA offers a range of baskets woven by hand from lovely natural sea grass. Infusing any space with an unique warm texture, our seagrass baskets make lovely storage solutions for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Storage baskets – why ours are superior

Whether to safely stash linens for the laundry or just to control the clutter of everyday life, our storage solutions offer matchless choice, incomparable style and grand functionality.

Extra large sizes available

URBANARA’s line of storage baskets is distinguished by its versatile range of sizes. Many lines such as KUTA Basket Set comes in a set of two large and small baskets for versatile options. We also offer roomy storage solutions such as our JAVA Storage Trunk which is spacious enough to hold a stack of duvet covers and pillows, as well as an under-the-bed storage model.

High quality bins and baskets

At URBANARA we see all home accessories as components in a holistic living environment where beauty meets practicality. We rigorously select both raw materials and craftsmen to ensure we supply only items of rare and unmistakable quality.


Practicality is a priority and our storage baskets feature such refinements as Velcro straps to secure cotton linings, hinged covers for effortless opening, and large handles for ease of transport.

Stylish storage for the whole home

A neat and happy home is one where everything is in its own place and URBANARA’s storage solutions are designed to help make that effortless in all the rooms of the house.

Bedroom storage

A bedroom is a sanctuary but is too often marred by piles of bed linen, clothing, and other odds and ends. With our tasteful range of storage baskets, unneeded items can be tucked away and stashed under beds or in closets until needed. Meanwhile lidded baskets can keep bed linens clean and snag free until it’s time for a change of bed linen. Our baskets are also ideal to stash throw cushions and pillows at the end of the bed at bedtime so they stay out of the way until needed.

Bathroom storage solutions

Bathrooms are bustling places and their smooth operation depends on everyone’s belongings being kept safely and discretely. Our cute and practical wicker baskets are perfect for the task. They can hold everything from toiletries to tissues and then be stacked away on a shelf or in a cupboard where their lovely natural texture delights the eye.

Seating and storage stools

Our KALAYANG Stool & Storage Box is a divine creation of woven rattan and pine wood that features flexible storage and seating options in one elegant unit. Perfect for everything from stashing shoes in the entrance hall to garden tools outside, it also functions beautifully as a side-table in the living room.

Buying storage baskets from URBANARA

Shopping online with URBANARA offers access to a distinctive and affordable range of storage solutions that you won’t find on the high street. Buying from us also represents great value. Dealing directly with producers helps keep our costs low, allowing us to offer our customers singular and uncommon home accessories at reasonable prices.

As part of our quality shopping experience, to ensure that our customers can buy with total confidence and peace of mind, we offer free 100-day returns on all purchases.

Whether to safely stash linens for the laundry or to get a stylish handle on the clutter of everyday life, our storage solutions deliver the last word in elegance and functionality.