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Smooth, luxe and natural: our sateen bedding is made from 100% cotton which is cool to the touch and perfect for the warmer months.

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Sateen bedding made with 100% pure, natural cotton fibres for a healthy home

Nothing beats a great night's sleep, and no better sleep can be had than one in fresh, natural, luxurious sateen bedding. For a start, high-quality luxury sateen bed linen feels simply delightful to sleep in. Our 100% cotton sateen bedding is sillky smooth and feels super luxurious against the skin, yet there are many more benefits to this natural sateen bedding than just it's appearance and feeling. 

The benefits of 100% cotton sateen bedding

Our cotton sateen sheets are made with 100% cotton that has been mercerised, which not only increases the fabric's strength and anti-bacterial properties, it also makes the sateen sheets feel smother and more luxurious, with a soft sheen, so perfect for sateen bed linen. Sateen bedding usually has all the benefits that come with 100% cotton, also. Sateen sheets and sateen duvet covers are relatively low-maintenance, especially compared to silk.

Our sateen bedding is naturally anti-static, too, so it won't attract dust, plus it's super breathable so won't cause you to overheat either. What this means is that natural fibre sateen bed linen is far healthier to have in the home. Sateen bedding is mercerised, a process which gives it its signature sheen and softness; sateen sheets are quite moisture repellent, which means sateen bedding sets won't be prone to mildew over time. These properties, of course, make them appropriate for childrens bedding, too.

The thread count of your sateen bed linen

Many people mistakenly believe that ‘high thread-count’ is synonymous with ‘high-quality’, but this is definitely not the case. Cheap, chemically treated cotton can never compare with thick, luxurious, natural and untreated 100% sateen bedding, even if it has a higher thread count. The characteristics of high thread-count cotton is more an indication of the smoothness and silkiness of the fabric; with thread counts of at least 280, and even 600 for some models, our sateen bedding sets are guaranteed high quality. 

Styling your sateen bedding from URBANARA

Our cotton sateen bed sheets are made with 100% cotton that has been mercerised, which not only increases the fabric's strength and anti-bacterial properties, it also makes the fabric feel smother and more luxurious, with a soft sheen. Our 100% cotton sateen bedding in a sateen weave features a wide array of colours, from soft powder pink to deep blue, as well as prints such as a painterly floral pattern. Mix and match pattern and plain between sateen duvet covers, pillowcases and sateen sheets for a casually luxurious look. 

Sateen bedding sets are incredibly luxurious bed sheets that can become the focal point of your bedroom and can set the interior style for the whole room. Sateen bed sheets and sateen duvet covers should compliment your style, the rest of your room, and be a personal expression of your interior design style. 

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