Luxury Bedding

Elegant design, endless comfort - our luxury bedding will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Luxury Bedding

URBANARA strives to always use the highest quality, 100% natural materials in our products, and our impressive collection of luxury bedding is a perfect example of this. Find luxury bedding made from 100% natural materials, adaptable to all seasons and interiors. With the URBANARA promise you can rest easy knowing your selection of luxury bedding is made of sustainable material, guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Luxury Duvets For The Bedroom

A good night’s sleep is the most important part of your day. Without proper rest and relaxation, simple daily tasks and routines begin to feel like the most difficult of chores, and a full eight hours of uninterrupted snoozing is imperative. High quality bedding is essential for making sweet dreams a reality, and no expense should be spared when it comes to sleep hygiene. Relax under the covers of beautiful, luxury bedding. Invest in a comfortable, breathable luxury bedding set and watch your productivity soar. Softness, quality and comfort in every sheet, ideal for sharing with your partner or all to yourself.

Rest your head on luxury pillow cases, and fall asleep faster than ever before. It's time to treat yourself to the sweetest dreams you can imagine.

Luxury Bedding In Different Colours

Luxury bedding can be attained in a range of colours and designs that match your unique style and interior. When choosing luxury bedding for your home, try and consider your existing design patterns. Neutrals and lighter hues can ground the space and create a sense of harmony, while contrasting tones really enhance a unique sense of style.
From grey luxury bedding for more muted design, to white luxury bedding for opening up darker spaces, your room needs only a comfortable touch to help you unwind - and at URBANARA there’s a style for everyone.

Shop Luxury Bedding Online With URBANARA

At URBANARA, our range of luxury bedding for sale ensures there’s something for every bedroom, Our luxury bedding is made with 100% natural materials of the highest quality, sourced directly from the communities who expertly make them.
Our range of luxury bedding at URBANARA is designed to bring the utmost in style and quality to your home, without compromising on comfort, helping you get the most out of your night’s sleep.
Shopping online with URBANARA offers access to a distinctive and affordable range of home furnishings that you won’t find on the high street. Buying from us also represents great value. Dealing directly with producers helps keep our costs low, allowing us to offer our customers singular and uncommon home accessories at reasonable prices.
Plus, to ensure that our customers can buy with total confidence and peace of mind, we offer free 100 day returns on all purchases.


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  1. Alvalade Pillowcase [Natural/Green grey]
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  2. Mafalda Linen Bed Linen [Light green grey]
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  3. Alvalade Bedding [Natural/Green grey]
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  4. Tolosa Pillowcase [White]
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  5. Cercosa Bedding [Green grey/White]
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  6. Mafalda Linen Bed Linen [Dark grey]
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  7. Mafalda Linen Bed Linen [Terracotta]
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  8. Bellvis Linen Bedding [White]
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  9. Tolosa Linen Bed Linen [Light grey]
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  10. Tolosa Linen Bed Linen [White]
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  11. Bellvis Linen Bed Linen [Light grey]
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