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Our gorgeous kitchen accessories have beautiful stories, making them 100% worthy of the heart of your home.

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Kitchen accessories at URBANARA

Once you’ve got the basics covered, give your kitchen some extra style by adding some sweet kitchen accessories. Made from the finest natural materials, all of our kitchen accessories will look beautiful in any kitchen, no matter the interior style.

Choosing kitchen accessories to complement your kitchenware

Our sturdy yet elegant wooden chopping boards are made from 100% acacia wood from India and make beautiful kitchen accessories. Used for centuries thank to its many benefits, acacia wood is known for being equal in quality to exotic hardwoods such as teak, yet it is far more affordable. Acacia is also resistant to water and mould, making it the ideal wood for kitchen accessories such as chopping boards and bowls. What's more, acacia simply looks stunning in kitchenware; as it grows it develops a rich grain, and it can be stained to almost any hue. It is also a naturally smooth wood, meaning there are no rough edges to your finished kitchen accessories.

Our wooden chopping boards are the perfect complement to your existing kitchenware and kitchen appliances, and work in any style of kitchen, whether your kitchen interior is traditional, country style, or modern and sleek.

The perfect finishing touches to your kitchen interior

Not only functional, coasters can provide a decorative, stylish touch to your kitchen accessories, whilst also protecting it from stains and damage. Available in the highest quality 100% solid marble and made by skilled crafts people in India, our range of kitchenware coasters in white, green and black marble will instantly elevate your kitchen accessories to a new level of glamour. Each set of coasters is thick enough to protect your table from rings caused by dripping glasses, whilst also displaying the unique and beautiful patterns that natural marble possesses - no two are the same.

These beautiful kitchen accessories are ideal for entertaining guests, or for simply enjoying a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning with your favourite book; their unique beauty will add a stylish flair no matter the setting.

Shop for beautiful kitchen accessories and kitchenware at URBANARA

Making the world a better place isn't always easy. But when you have fine home decor and home products from URBANARA on your side anything is possible. One of our favorite rooms to begin turning your world into a better place is in the kitchen. Kitchen accessories help to create the love kitchens are so warmly known for. Today's kitchens are ready for anything provided the proper kitchen accessories are at hand. Providing tools from the basics to the extras can't help but be a win-win kitchen scenario. The trick to creating perfect kitchen spaces is incorporating just the right kitchen accessories in exactly the right places. Tea towels are mini marks of excellence in subtle kitchen accent design.

Kitchen accessories aren't just about a knick-knack here and an accent there. High quality, stylishly affordable kitchen accessories are functional and desirable additions. Kitchen accessories from URBANARA mean high quality, stylishly affordable mementos.


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