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Made from warm, natural fibres, our hats and scarves are designed to last season after season.

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When the colder seasons come around, it’s time to think about the hat or scarf we’re going to be wearing during the chilly winter days ahead. Luckily, URBANARA’s collection of hats and scarves are all made from natural fibres, so you’ll be extra cosy from autumn, right through to spring.

Natural Fibres for Your Hat, Beanie or Scarf

Each of the pieces in our hat and scarf collection is made from natural fibres, such as cotton or cashmere. When choosing a winter hat, beanie hat or scarf that will take you through the season and keep you warn, natural fibres are sure to keep you that bit cosier. Hats for women need to have just the right amount of winter-ready style, as well as warming materials – and choosing a cashmere, with its smooth, soft fibres, will be gentle on the hair and skin, is the perfect investment as a winter hat to take you through the season. 

Why a Cashmere Hat Is a Perfect Winter Investment

Cashmere is a silky soft material, which is why a cashmere hat is the perfect accessory for when the temperature drops. Natural fibres such as cashmere are insulating, which means they trap heat and keep us warm and snug, but cashmere’s covetable and soft properties makes a cashmere hat a stylish all-rounder. 

With fibres that feel luxuriously soft on the hair and skin, a cashmere hat or beanie hat is the indulgent, stylish extra that will make layering up in cooler weather feel like a treat, and when paired with a cashmere scarf, it’s the combination of dreams. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Cashmere Scarf

When choosing the scarf you’re going to wear through the season, investing in warm, insulating fabrics is key. A cashmere scarf blends everything you would want for winter, in one luxuriously soft piece: silky fibres that will be gentle on your skin when the cold starts to bite, and an insulating piece that will protect your neck against the chills. A winter scarf should be a timeless, trusty piece that will carry you through many seasons to come: warm, soft, dependably cosy. This makes a cashmere scarf a classic, high-quality piece worth investing in. 

Choose the Hat or Scarf to Suit Your Style

When considering which scarf or hat you want, colour, material and shape are all important considerations. Our hat and scarf collection features casual and relaxed pieces in warm, cosy fabrics, so that it’ll be easier than every to find a style to carry you through the seasons to come. 

Firstly, our hats and scarves come in a classic palette of subtle, timeless hues. For a hat or scarf that is sure to meld in with your wardrobe, a grey scarf or grey cashmere scarf is a failsafe style classic – an elegant, timeless and wear-forever piece. Similarly, a black hat or black scarf will be a piece to match all array of coats and outerwear, so that you can enjoy it time and time again, regardless of trends. For a hint of pattern, consider a herringbone scarf – this scarf and this pattern is easy to wear with many different styles, and remains a wardrobe classic. 

 Ultimately, a classic black beanie hat or black scarf, or a grey scarf or grey hat as a winter accessory fits with many styles and adapts to trends as they come and go. Whether as a ladies scarf, or a men’s scarf, or hat or beanie, each of our pieces is carefully created and designed to suit your style, and become a timeless piece you’ll rely on for many seasons ahead.

How to Care for Your Hat, Beanie Hat or Scarf

Giving your hat, beanie hat or scarf the right care will ensure they’ll be pieces to treasure in your wardrobe for many seasons to come. Cotton, wool and cashmere form the best materials for a warm winter scarf or winter beanie hat, because they’re natural, and have wonderful insulating properties that will keep you snug and cosy. However, this also means that they need a little extra care and attention so you can make the most of them. This is why we’d like to share with you our tips on how to wash cashmere.

 To ensure you can get the best wear from your cashmere hat, beanie or scarf, or a woollen hat or beanie or woollen scarf, be careful not to wash them with your regular laundry. Instead, these pieces should be washed separately by hand, with an extremely gentle, specialist detergent in cool water, and left to air dry. It’s important not to wring excess water out of a cashmere scarf or hat, or a woollen hat or scarf, as this will damage the natural fibres, and could cause your cosy winter piece to lose its shape, especially if done too harshly. 

Fortunately, with a gentle touch and attentive wash and care, your woollen scarf, cashmere scarf, or hat or beanie will be with you for many a chilly season, without losing its shape or form.

Buy Hats and Scarves Online at URBANARA

At URBANARA, we offer soft and warm hats and scarves which are reliable, made from the best natural materials and come in bespoke, modern designs. Choose the colour and style to suit you, and feel extra warm and cosy knowing that your hat, beanie hat or scarf is a piece to take you through seasons to come.

You can feel confident knowing that we’ll deliver your order free within the mainland UK, and you can take up to 100 days to fall completely in love with your new product, or your money back.