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Add a sophisticated layer of depth and texture to your living space with these naturally-made grey rugs.


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Grey Rugs and Runners

At URBANARA, we strive to always use the highest quality, 100% natural materials in our products, and our collection of grey rugs and runners is a perfect example of this. All made from 100% natural jute, cotton or wool, this stunning collection of grey rugs are perfect for suiting any home – whatever your interior choices. With the URBANARA promise you can rest easy knowing your selection of grey rug or runner is made of sustainable material that will stand the test of time. Grey rugs are perfect for matching muted tones in your living space, and also partner alongside bright colours, suitable for any particular home interior. Use a grey carpet to add a focal point to any room, pulling together your unique, sophisticated design. A large grey rug and runners can add an extra layer of comfort to any space, and bring an element of texture that can be used to blend open spaces.

Grey Carpets for the Living Room and Bedroom

Grey rugs and runners are perfect for the living room and bedroom, converting your home interior into an inviting space for lounging and entertaining. In the bedroom, a fluffy grey rug can really add a beautiful blend of texture and warmth, helping you relax and wind-down after a long day. All of our grey rugs and runners are made out of 100% natural jute, wool or cotton – meaning there is an option for everyone’s personalised tastes. Bedrooms can typically be smaller spaces to work with in the home, but adding in either a large grey rug, or small grey rug is a stunning way to add a focal point, while incorporating a bit of luxury. What better way to get out of bed each day than by stepping onto a fluffy grey rug, starting off every morning with the luxurious welcome you not only need, but deserve. Our grey rugs and runners can be placed onto carpet or hardwood floors, can help break up existing colour palettes of flooring and add comfort onto harder, cooler flooring. Adding a large grey rug can be a perfect addition to any living room space, and are designed to pull any home interior look together. A grey living room rug is essential for creating an inviting space for lounging and entertaining and is easy to clean, giving you more time to spend winding down or catching up with friends and family.

Light Grey Rug or Dark Grey Rug?

Our rugs and carpets come in a range of tones, and if you’re looking to add depth to your living spaces, a dark grey rug is exactly what you need. For lightening up dark spaces, opt for a light grey rug, as this will brighten up your interior while still adding the necessary texture and warmth. As every home is unique, there’s a range of colour and design options for you to choose from. Choose a grey fluffy rug for comfort and texture, a light grey carpet to brighten up dark spaces within your home. Alternatively, a dark grey carpet is a stunning alternative to incorporate a layer of depth into an already-brightened space. A grey patterned rug can add unique personality into your interior without disrupting pre-existing muted tones, and while a silver grey carpet can be partnered perfectly with your home’s personal colour story.

Small Grey Rugs vs. Large Grey Rugs

Our collection of grey rugs and runners are made with your unique style in mind, and with plenty of colour and design choices there’s a carpet for each individual style and space. Use small grey rugs, or smaller options from our collection to add focal points – use rugs underneath dining room tables, use at the side of a bed to create luxury by your bedside. Small rugs are perfect for adding a textured element to your interior without taking up too much space, and are suitable for any room. Large grey rugs are perfect to fill bigger emptier spaces within your home, and can be ideally placed underneath sofas, beds, dining room tables and bigger home interior items. A large grey rug introduces elements of depth and texture into any spacious room, you can even use a grey hall runner to introduce a warm atmosphere into every space.

Shop Grey Rugs Online with URBANARA

Our collection is expansive, and URBANARA has curated a collection of rugs and runners that can match all interiors, whether you’re looking for muted tones, or something a bit darker. With small and large grey rugs and runners available in a range of colours and designs, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect new addition to your living space. At URBANARA, our range of rugs has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a traditional pattern in a flat weave, or a more modern design in plush wool. Our rugs are all made with 100% natural materials of the highest quality, sourced directly from the communities who expertly make them. Plus, to ensure that our customers can buy with total confidence and peace of mind, we offer free 100 day returns on all purchases.


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