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Light-as-air, comfortable cushion inserts provide the perfect support for a cosy night in on the sofa – because what's inside counts.

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High quality cushion inserts and cushion pads

At URBANARA, we aim to bring high quality materials to every product in the house - even those we don't see on a day to day basis. Our cushion inserts are the perfect partners for our cushion covers - made from light yet supportive filing, they come in a huge array of sizes, plus as well as feather filling, we offer a vegan option using polyester filling.

Our cushion inserts are the perfect fillers for any cushion cover you choose - don't be afraid to experiment with different colours and patterns in your cushion covers, for example in a range of scatter cushions on your sofa, or a mixture of cushion shapes and sizes on your bed. No matter your needs, we have the inserts to fill them.

Feather sofa cushion inners

Using only the highest quality, humanely sourced duck and goose feathers, our range of feather cushion inserts are the ultimate in luxury. Plump enough to support your body, yet still delectably fluffy and light as air, they elevate any cushion into a new stratosphere of plushness.

The super soft duck and goose feathers are encased in densely woven smooth cotton, so they can easily slip into any cushion cover. The feathers, despite being super soft and flexible, provide ample support when lounging on the sofa, yet their malleable nature makes them ideal for snuggling down with in bed also.

Vegan sofa cushion inserts

A cost-effective and completely vegan alternative to feather filled cushion inserts, our range of cushion fillers are filled with a high quality polyester filling guaranteed to keep your cushion plump and supportive even after cleaning them. Plus, these polyester-filled sofa cushion pads are super easy to care for as you can simply pop them into the washing machine, and they're fluffy filling will dry within no time so you can settle into the sofa for the evening once again.

Encased in microfiber, our vegan cushion fillers are naturally lightweight and breathable, which prevents them from becoming musty over time, yet the filling is dense enough to provide proper support for your body. Our polyester filling is sourced from only the best suppliers in Slovenia, and is an excellently affordable option for padding out your cushion covers.

Small and Large Cushion Pads

Whether you're looking for a large cushion pad for a floor cushion or one for a small sofa cushion, you can find it here. We offer rectangular cushion inserts in 40x40 cm or 80x80 cm for large cushions, as well as 40x60 cm cushion pads and a bolster cushion insert.

Bolster cushion inserts

Perfect for mixing and matching with square or rectangular cushions, or placing on a bench seat, our bolster cushion inners is filled with 100% polyurethane foam. This medium-firm filling means our bolster cushion pads are really supportive for your body, with enough give to still be super comfortable. In a generous 50x17cm size, it works perfectly with any of our bolster cushion covers so you can personalise your cushion easily and create any interior decor style you desire.

Cushion inners made for designer cushion covers

URBANARA’s collection of stylish cushions covers comes in a range of elegant colours and patterns, always in all-natural fabrics. Our cushion covers are fashioned from velvet, silk, wool, cotton and various blends thereof. Natural materials in the home promote a safe and healthy environment, but also require less chemicals to produce, and offer a lower environmental footprint, so you can feel good about having them in your home. In addition, natural fibres come with a host of other benefits.

Buy cushion inserts online in the UK at URBANARA

Shopping online with URBANARA allows access to a distinctive range of cushions that aren’t seen in high street shops. The last word in luxury and style, these are the cushions you need to both set your home apart, and make it your own.

If for any reason you would like to return an item, we also offer 14 days free returns, no questions asked.


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