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Do bedtime right with the softest, cosiest bedspreads and quilts, made with the finest natural fibres out there.

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  1. Cota Muslin Bedspread [Pale Cork]
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    From £66.00
  2. Quinta Wool-Cotton Bedspread [Off-white & Dark sage]
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    From £126.00
  3. Fontao Cotton Bedspread [Conker & Oat milk & Dark walnut]
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    From £101.00
  4. Quinta Wool-Cotton Bedspread [Off-white & Grey]
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    From £126.00
  5. Fontao Cotton Bedspread [Dark sage & Blue fog & Oat milk]
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    From £101.00
  6. Ovelha Linen-Cotton Bedspread [Dark walnut]
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    From £125.00
  7. Solosa Linen-Cotton Bedspread [Green]
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    From £128.00
  8. Solosa Linen-Cotton Bedspread [Charcoal]
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    From £128.00
  9. Azore Bedspread [Olive green]
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  10. Azore Bedspread [Natural]
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    From £185.00
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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Bedspreads and quilts

Quilts have been perennial favourite over many generations. No matter your interior style, a bed quilt or quilted bedspread from URBANARA will be a warm, elegant addition to any bed.

Bedspreads can be a focal point on your bed, and can set the tone and style of the space. Colours and patterns on bedspreads are creatively used to create visual effects, adding a dose of impact and personality to your room. Our range of natural fibre bedspreads go from cotton bedspreads, all the way up to the finest luxury bedspreads available.

Cotton quilted bedspreads add softness to your bedroom

More traditional quilts and bedspreads can bring a classic country style to life, whereas a more contemporary interior will benefit from the colour and texture a modern quilted bed throw can bring - either way, matching colours and patterns in a coloured quilt with your the overall colour scheme of your bedroom will create a well-balanced, calming feel overall.

Using bed linen such as bed sheets and blankets to highlight the colour and pattern of your bed quilt or cotton bedspread can help to tie the look of your bedroom together - mix and match different textures, such as cashmere and cotton bedspreads, to create a truly personal bedroom style. You can find more ideas for quilted bedspreads and throws designs by browsing the URBANARA website.

Choose natural colours - cream, white and grey bedspreads

The most popular colours when it comes to bedspreads are cream, white and grey. A grey bedspread would blend perfectly with your bedding and home decor. White bedspreads add calmness, and cream or off white bedspreads add a natural, earthy feeling to the room.

Double and king size bedspreads and quilts

You can choose any size bed quilt that suits your for your bedroom – king size bedspreads are a great option for adding layers of warmth no matter what size bed you have. King size bedspreads of course are perfect on king size beds; however, try folding king size bedspreads back on themselves on a double or single bed for extra warmth. King size quilts also give an overhang on double beds ensuring warmth is kept inside.

Choose quilted cotton bedspreads for the chilly months, and linen bedspreads for summer

Bedspreads can be easily adapted for use in any season. In the chilly depths of winter, choosing a plush, warm quilted bedspread will heat you up on cool nights. A cotton quilted bedspread is also great in place of your duvet in the summer months. During the hottest months of the year, switching to a natural, pure linen bedspread is the best option, as they'll be more breathable and keep you cooler.

How to care for your bedspread

It depends on the type of bedspread you opt for, but caring for your bedspreads and quilts is generally simple. If you've chosen a cotton bedspread, you can likely wash it at 40 °C if it needs a good clean, but we recommend washing all your bedspreads and quilts at 30 °C to be safe. If you've chosen a luxury bedspread, and want to be extra careful, we recommend washing by hand, but generally you can machine wash these bedspreads too. For king size bedspreads that don't fit in your machine, we recommend taking them to a professional dry cleaner.

Buy quilts & bedspreads in the UK at URBANARA

At URBANARA we offer a wide selection of luxury bed quilts and bedspreads made from natural materials in the highest quality. A grey quilted bedspread would add soft style to your bedroom, and keep your bed protected from dust.

If you don’t absolutely love your order, it isn’t quite how you imagined it to be, or it doesn’t complement your interior how you thought it would, you can send it back within 14 days, no questions asked.