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Your Perfect Easter

Setting the perfect Easter table...

Every year, on a Sunday in spring, a sweet, particularly nimble bunny hides baskets worth of chocolate eggs in people's gardens. We don't know if anyone's seen him do it, but we've heard rumours.

Of course, some also celebrate the holiday with religious ceremony, or relish in the beginnings of milder weather, spreading splashes of colour across fields and forests as the world begins to wake.

Easter is also an ideal opportunity to spend a few special hours with our loved ones. Getting together across the Easter Bank Holiday allows us to celebrate and welcome the warmer season together - a great joy we particularly don't want to miss this year.

Nothing unites quite as well as a delicious meal in the company of those we love. If it's your turn to host this year, check out our guide for inspiration and tips for a successful day, and a beautiful table.

A gorgeous table is a work of art...

What do you think of when you think of a traditional Easter celebration? Family and friends gathered around a table, delicious food and the sun shining in through the window.

Sounds ideal to us...

The Easter plait almost requires a second slice - it's light, airy and perfect with coffee. The ideal recipe for beginners and professional bakers alike, an Easter plait is a staple that guarantees you a delicious Easter. Sprinkled with almonds or sugar, a plait is especially sweet and only needs a little sliver of jam - perfection. Need the perfect plate to present it? Look no further than our Malhou collection, offering stylish and straightforward neutral colour options.

Suppose you don't want to miss out on colourful eggs at Easter brunch. In that case, you can easily dye the eggs yourself with an easily accessible food item from the kitchen - no food colouring needed. Your secret weapon? The peel of red onions.
To do this, collect the peels a couple of weeks before (if you store in the freezer, they will stay good until you prepare them) and put them, along with the eggs, in a large pot. Cover the lot with water and boil for about 20 minutes. The result? You have naturally coloured red-orange breakfast eggs.

The right table decorations make all the difference...

Flowering branches of seasonal plants, like forsythia - or a bright bouquet of daffodils - make your Easter table a delight to behold. Maybe, if you can, source some plants from your garden, bringing the outside in - a lasting eye-catcher when arranged in a vase.

Our linen table linen provides you with a perfect base for your table. Picture it - elegant napkins, tied with a piece of organic twine or blossom, placed on plates for a stylish and sophisticated setting. Tie in fresh in simple vases, or if you dry the flowers in advance, you will have a subtle bouquet that can be used again and again in the coming months.

To save yourself extra work on the holiday, you can already set the Easter table the night before. Especially for an Easter breakfast, who doesn't want the opportunity to sleep in longer and enjoy your morning coffee in peace before your guests arrive.

Don't stress yourself too much as a host, though. It doesn't take too much effort to make any time with your loved ones brilliant. A set Easter table, good food and cheerful company are enough to relax and enjoy the time together.