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Interview with Antonia of @craftifair

Interview with Antonia of @craftifair

Bedroom styles with organic cotton homewares

We took a peek inside the interior stylist's stunning home, and found out why she cherishes organic cotton in her homewares.

Sustainable, socially-conscious, and oh-so-stylish, organic cotton is the ideal textile choice for considerate, beautiful homewares. This wondrous fabric has health benefits for the land it grows on, the people who take it from field to finished product, and the customer who wraps themselves in its soft folds, as interior stylist Antonia of Craftifair knows. We asked her why she loves organic cotton, and took a peek at how she’s styled it in her own home

Interior stylist and blogger Craftifair

What are your top three reasons for choosing organic cotton in your bed linen?

I sleep much better knowing my bedding is free of toxic substances and is produced fairly. I know I’m doing something good for my body, and that nobody had to suffer in the making of my sheets. In addition, it feels incredibly good against your skin.

Living room styled with organic cotton homewares
Kitchen styled with organic cotton homewares and Alvar Aalto stool
Bedroom styled with organic cotton homewares and wall hanging

Did you sleep well in our Arove pyjamas? Are you generally a fan of flannel?

Oh yes I love flannel, it’s just so soft. I don’t actually wear the pyjamas to sleep, but love to wear them relaxing on the sofa.

Do you look out for the organic label on other products in your everyday life?

Absolutely, as much as possible! More importantly, I look for local and seasonal products, plus handmade and secondhand items.

Your Instagram bio describes you as a ‘virtual’ stylist – what’s up with that?

In the interior design industry, 3D renders of furniture, accessories and interior styling are becoming more common. Even virtual rooms and scenes need to be styled, which, by the way, I also do – but more about that soon.

Living room styled with organic cotton homewares and shelving

What is the current feeling in Cologne about the latest trends in interior design? Does Cologne stand out in the industry from other cities?

I think vintage from the 1950s and 1960s is still a big trend in Cologne, as are plants. Sometimes I would like a bit more rough coolness from Berlin, paired with a little Milanese elegance. But Cologne is all about inner values, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Cat in kitchen

All photos and styling by @craftifair

Bedroom styled with organic cotton homewares
Cat in living room

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