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Interview with Melanie of @melanie.licht

Interview with Melanie of @MELANIE.LICHT

Fashion label founder and vintage lover Melanie tells us how she styles sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in her home.

Having founded her own upcycling label, Lichten Clothing, vintage lover Melanie is no stranger to second hand and sustainable fashion and homewares. With a keen eye for stunning vintage furniture pieces, Melanie is an expert at matching them with newer pieces made from environmentally friendly materials; we chatted to her about why she values sustainability in her home, and why she loves jute in particular.

You have your own brand, which gives a new life to vintage garments by upcycling them – where did you get the idea, and where do you take inspiration from?

I’ve always loved rummaging through flea markets, discovering great treasures, and I’ve been approached very often by people looking for pieces like these. There is so much great clothing that no longer gets used; I came up with the idea to change this and start my own shop. Inspiration meets me everywhere – on the road, in nature, and also in various internet platforms. I need the creativity in my life and enjoy doing it so much.

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Would you say that sustainability shapes both your professional and personal life?

Sustainability is a big topic in my shop. Why make new clothes when there are so many unique pieces that want to be worn again? In my private life, I also pay more attention to sustainability. It’s the little things that matter a lot. My dream is to eventually have a large garden where we can grow our vegetables, fruits and herbs ourselves.

What would you recommend to someone who would like to have a more sustainable home?

First, buy second hand! A lot of our furniture and home accessories are from the flea market or eBay. I like the mix of modern elements and things from the 60s and 70s. And second, you should pay attention to quality. Often, sustainable products are a bit more expensive but also much more durable.

What do you pay attention to when planning your apartment interior?

When setting up my apartment, I pay a lot of attention to colours. Subtle, warm colours are very important to me, because I don’t want to be overly colourful. A good mix of vintage elements, and lots of plants and cosiness is also very important to me. In general, I am very spontaneous in designing our apartment. Sometimes I will have an idea in the evening and go to the hardware store the next day to buy paint. Two hours later, the living room is repainted, and I’m happy.

In which room do you spend most of your time, and how do you like to spend your time at home?

We spend the most time in the living/dining room. It’s the largest room in our apartment, and for me the most beautiful and cosiest. It’s also the space I change the most often. My favourite way to spend time at home is with my dog, and with good food. We like to cook, put on a good record, or watch a great series on Netflix. We are always travelling a lot, which is always better when you get to come home to a cosy apartment where you feel 100% comfortable.

What do you love about the Salaya jute rug? Does Bean the corgi like it too?

Finding nice rugs is so difficult for me, so I was even more enthusiastic to discover the Salaya rug. The colour is just great in our living room (and timeless, also) and I think the structure of the rug is great. It feels great when you sit or stand on it. That’s probably the reason why our Bean feels right at home on it.

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