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Home Story: Omocado x URBANARA

Home Story: Omocado x URBANARA

The creative duo behind the uber-stylish Omocado Studio, Olja and Mauricio, recently relocated to Amsterdam from Berlin. With strong backgrounds in fashion and photography, we were very excited to get a look inside their chic new apartment, and find out what it is that inspires them.

Which room did you enjoy decorating the most in your new apartment, and why?

We love all three rooms, but spend the most time in the living room. It’s also the brightest room, as it’s flooded with natural light. I just love the typical traditional windows in Amsterdam; it’s so fun to work here or simply have a cup of coffee in the morning with a view of the canal.

You two recently moved from Berlin to Amsterdam. How come?

That was a very spontaneous and unexpected decision for us! After almost seven years in Berlin, we both needed something new; we were actually thinking of Paris or London, but then suddenly thought ‘why not Amsterdam?!’ That exact day, we started looking online for apartments and loved the first one we saw. We contacted the landlords and had it locked down a few weeks later. We took it as a sign, and decided to make the move. Since we are independent and travel a lot, Amsterdam was a great choice: you have everything you need in the city, it’s so beautiful, and of course the airport is close by.

You’ve only been gone a few months, but what do you miss most about Berlin?

We come back from time to time, but I think we miss our old neighbourhood of Prenzlauerberg the most – walks down Kastanien Allee, the delicious coffee, the atmosphere of Berlin in general.

How would you describe your interior style?

We are both fans of Scandinavian design; it looks great, it’s modern and minimalist. Comfort and cosiness are definitely not lacking here, either.

What’s your main colour scheme and why?

At the moment, it’s black, mustard, dark blue and a little gold. We’re still setting up, as we have been travelling quite a lot in the past few months and simply haven’t had the time to find inspiration. That will definitely change soon.

Do you think your interior style is reflected in your fashion sense?

I would say yes, a little, especially the colour palette and minimalist style.

So you and Mauricio travel the world a lot – what factors are important to you to make you feel at home?

For us it is really important that an Airbnb apartment or a hotel are very comfortable. We simply have to feel comfortable there after a long day at work.

The latest trend going around is ‘JOMO’, the ‘joy of missing out’ – how do you feel about this concept?

In our work, everything can be a little last minute, and we always have to be flexible. As far as work or trips are concerned, we usually feel like we have to do everything and can’t miss any opportunities. We’ve tried to organise things better this year and only focus on the top priorities.

Which URBANARA products are your favourite?

The lighting is great, especially the brass lamp we have in our living room, and of course we love the blankets and pillows. Without them, our home wouldn’t be as comfortable! There is nothing better than coming home and snuggling down in a soft blanket while enjoying a cup of tea.

Photos and styling by Omocado