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Get Your Dinner Table Holiday Ready

Set the festive table.

The magical spirit of Christmas has arrived, and we're already getting excited about our favourite season: the crackling fire, the scent of burning wood and fresh cinnamon, cheerful songs and nostalgic carols, preparing our homes for the upcoming celebrations.

We have some simple decorating ideas to inspire your dinner table this Christmas – all in good time, of course. Our advice? Get this year's errands done early, so you can sit back and enjoy the holiday ambiance.


When it comes to Christmas, you can’t imagine the holidays without all of its good old traditions. And no material symbolises tradition better than linen. Our linen Miral tablecloth, in earthy natural hues, will make your menu stand out, and provide the perfect backdrop for your turkey to glow in all its perfectly browned glory. Our little secret: make sure to wash your linen tablecloth and napkins before you use them, to create a modern and relaxed crinkle-look.

A few thoughtful touches will always add something special to the table. Here, we've dressed our Miral napkins in brass leaves, which work perfectly with its neutral linen fabric, giving a shiny contrast to its raw aesthetic.

Christmas is all about togetherness, home and the beautiful simplicity of nature. To combine all three elements, we suggest a simple table layout with an eye-catching centrepiece. You could, for example, place a corokia plant right in the middle of your table, and for some refined festive sparkle, spray paint it gold or silver. Of course, no warm holiday scene is replete without a candle or two: dot them around your table for a cosy glow that provides just the right atmosphere and light you need.

The holidays can be whatever you want them to be. So why not start your own traditions?

Rethink some of the old ones – use differently shaped wine glasses, or explore a new theme with your décor. The most memorable moments are those shared with your loved ones, gathered around the dinner table, enjoying delicious, hearty food and bonding over past memories. Now all you need, to make your holiday gathering complete, are your grandmother's recipes.