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To produce corn fibre, corn starch is used which is fermented into sugar and finally converted into biopolymer. So it is not a continuation of a natural fibre, but a production from natural vegetable starch. The corn fibre is biodegradable and breathable, making it ideal for filling bedding.

Corn fibre at URBANARA

Our Apno Duvet and our Arto Pillow are filled with a mix of hemp and corn fibres. The good climatic properties of the fibres are perfect for filling bedding. Corn fibre is not only soft and fluffy but also breathable and easy to care for.


The corn fibres we use to fill our bedding are extremely fluffy and soft so you can truly feel the quality of your new bedding.


Our bedding filled with corn fibre can be aired in the dryer or in the sun about every three months or as required. Please only wash at 30°C on the delicate cycle. Not suitable for the dryer.

Main properties of corn fibre

✓ Breathable

✓ Biodegradable

✓ Natural thermal insulation

✓ Moisture-balancing