URBANARA provides the world with beautiful, high-quality homewares without the sky-high price tag

Friends from afar

Bookends and doorstops and wall mounts, oh my!

Ruggedly handsome

Striking designs to pick up your parquet

Don't wait: everything you need for a holiday at home.



Pepper these about your home for a quick style lift

Everyone has a right to enjoy quality.

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Four reasons you need a hammam towel


This season's shades

Give windows a particularly stylish finishing touch.

The URBANARA difference

High-quality homewares have a place in every home. We believe that ‘good value’ is synonymous with ‘good quality’, so we combine the finest natural materials with traditional crafting techniques to produce homewares that are made to last. That’s why when you buy homewares from URBANARA, you can rest assured that you’ll buy them once, and love them forever. It’s our promise to you.

The URBANARA difference