Daya Doormat

Natural brown - boucle design100% jute


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Fans of chunky, textural pieces will love our Care & Fair certified Daya Doormat. Designed in Denmark and ethically made in India by our talented partner suppliers, this piece combines authentic craftsmanship and clean Scandinavian design. Made from 100% jute, this rug is handwoven using 100% jute in a bouclé style weave, providing a chunky finish with a curly, looped effect.

Natural & Brown Daya Fussmatte | Home & Living inspiration | URBANARA
Details & careMaterial: 100% jute
Construction: Handwoven bouclé weave
Weight: 1.5 kg
Height: 1.5 cm
Design: Chunky, looped finish
Colour: Natural brown
Made with love in: India
Designed with love in: Allerod, Denmark
Certificates: Care & Fair

Care: We recommend vacuuming this doormat regularly to keep it clean. However, for cleaning stains we recommend using a damp cloth (without any detergents) and trying to remove the stain by dabbing at it. If this does not remove the stain, the doormat should be sent to a professional cleaner for flat washing. The doormat should occasionally be shaken or beaten with a carpet beater. To prolong the doormat's life, it should be rotated occasionally to protect the edges and spread wear. To preserve the natural colour, regular direct sunlight should be avoided.