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With inspiring and statement designs, our collection of pendant lights don't have to be lit to shine.


Pendant lamps to add ambience and style to a room

Pendant lamps are a wonderfully stylish way to light up your room. Typically centered in a room, pendant ceiling lights are a focal point that can really make a statement. Choose from pendant ceiling lights in numerous styles; from clean minimal shapes to more intricate ornate designs. Our collections also include lamps inspired by different eras including sleek 1960s retro designs in a variety of strong bold colours or softer more contemporary designs that will complement every kind of interior style.

Stylish pendant lighting made from high quality materials

All of our lighting suppliers have extensive knowledge about lighting design and pride themselves on creating beautiful high-quality lamps with designs that are both timeless and keep up with interior trends. At URBANARA, we work exclusively with experienced craftspeople and manufacturers, to ensure only the best quality materials and the highest calibre of finished product.

Choosing pendant lighting for your home

Lighting can make or break a room, so it's crucial that it is chosen correctly. Firstly, take into account the other sources of light in the room - if you have other ceiling lights in place already, such as spot lighting, you can get away with a darker pendant light that will look fantastic but won't add much light to the room. You may have mounted wall lights, which will create a cosier atmosphere when combined with a darker pendant light, as the lighting is then less ambient. For a room with very few light sources, a pendant light that has a lighter or transparent shade, such as a clear glass pendant light, will create brighter light in the room.

Playing around with different types of lighting combinations with your pendant lighting can be a great way of truly creating the room you desire. Lighting has a huge effect on the atmosphere in a room. For rooms you tend to relax in, such as your living room or bedroom, typically bright lighting is not as much of a requirement as you are not undertaking as many tasks as you would in a kitchen, for example. These rooms are ideal locations for pendant lighting - try experimenting with different table lamp and floor lamps to go with your pendant lighting, and create a warm and cosy vibe that makes relaxing easy. In rooms where bright task lighting is needed, in the kitchen for example, try pendant lighting that hangs lower, or even opt for an array of three or five pendant lights over a counter or kitchen island to both make a feature of this part of the room, and create ample task lighting.

Pendant lighting at URBANARA

At URBANARA, our range of pendant lighting has something for every style, and every room.

Our pendant lights are made to the highest quality, with carefully selected materials, to ensure your home is perfectly, stylishly lit every day.The fitting of our lamps depends on the material but make sure the mounting surface and fastening elements are capable of bearing the weight of the lamp. Always use screws and plugs that are specially suited to the lamp’s material.

Buy pendant lighting online at URBANARA

URBANARA offers free delivery on all orders over £50, no matter what the product, so you can shop for lighting confidently, with no added cost to you – we’ll deliver it securely packaged straight to your door.


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