Non-Iron Bedding

Get more time in bed with our smooth and soft non-iron bedding; designed with minimal fuss in mind, this superbly stylish collection is the bedding of dreams.


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Non-iron Bedding

Bedtime should always be relaxing – a time to wind down and drift off to a sound slumber with ease. Lovers of low-maintenance bedtime routines will fall for our non-iron bedding; nobody wants to spend time ironing their bedding, or worse, sleeping on uncomfortably crinkled sheets. Non-iron sheets and non-iron duvet covers are the perfect solution to this nightly problem, ensuring bedtime is stress free and simple.

The benefits of non-iron bedding

Non-iron bedding sets are designed (as the name suggests) to remain smooth and crease-free after washing, and even after being slept in; our range of non-iron bedding also includes bedding sets in materials such as linen, that look their best when they have their natural, slightly creased texture. Non iron sheets can go straight from drying to your bed, ready for a night of comfortable slumber. A non-iron duvet cover remains beautifully effortless no matter how long your Sunday lie-in was. Non iron bedding sets are a simple, yet clever, solution for those who want bedtime (and laundry) to stay as low maintenance as possible.

Which material to choose for your non-iron bedding?

Cotton non-iron bedding

Our range of cotton non-iron bedding sets are made with 100% natural cotton. Renowned for its breathability, smoothness and attractive appearance, 100% cotton sheets are easy to keep smooth after washing and after use, so are perfect if you're seeking a non-iron duvet cover or non-iron sheets; even better, cotton in a percale weave makes this textile even smoother and softer, maximising the comfort levels of your non-iron bedding. For an extra touch, shop our organic cotton non-iron bedding sets.

Jersey non-iron bedding

Made with 100% cotton in a jersey weave, our jersey non-iron bedding sets couldn't be softer and smoother – just like sleeping in your favourite t-shirt. Jersey non-iron duvets covers and non-iron sheets are the most casually stylish option from our non-iron bedding range.

Linen non-iron bedding

Another beautifully natural textile that is ideal for non-iron bedding sets is linen. Naturally creased and textured, linen feels incredibly soft and smooth against the skin, and its stunning, effortless texture looks its very best when left iron-free after washing – perfect for non-iron duvet covers and non-iron sheets.

Choosing the right non-iron bedding for your home

Choosing great non-iron bedding to suit your home interior couldn't be easier. Once you've chosen the right material for your non-iron bedding, it's time to pick a colour – match your non-iron bedding colour with your bedroom's colour scheme for a harmonious look, or go for a contrasting hue for a more eclectic vibe. For a truly personalised look, mix and match different colours in your non-iron duvet and non-iron sheets.

Buy non-iron bedding online in the UK

Once you’ve decided on the right non-iron bedding set for your home, it’s easy to buy online. At URBANARA, we are proud to provide dozens of unique yet elegant designs at very affordable prices. All the materials that we use for our non-iron bedding sets are top-quality and made to last, so you can be sure that when you invest in bedding from us, you’re investing in bedding that you’ll love forever, and which won’t go out of style.

We work hard to make sure that our descriptions are thorough and give you the best possible idea of how our collections will look in your home. But if you find that it wasn’t quite how you had imagined it, you can send it back for free within 14 days, no questions asked.


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