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The hospitality industry has unique requirements. But the perfect hotel bedding must not only be durable and hygienic. Ideally, it must also be seamlessly integrated into the space's overall design and made of a suitable fabric. Let's help you get started.


High-quality and easy to clean

Hotel bed linen needs to be high-quality. This basic requirement means that duvet covers and pillowcases can withstand heavy use for a long time and retain their shape. Holes, tears or opened seams are not that great for ratings. Another key element is the ease of care, which can sometimes reduce the required staff. We recommend collections such as our non-iron bed linen for this. Also, ensure that the bed linen is washable at 60 ºC to provide guests with the necessary hygiene.

Materials and seasonal hotel bed linen

If you run a hotel, you're going to want year-round business. That's a given. In summer, we recommend hotel bed sheets that are breathable and moisture-regulating. You can choose linen bed linen, percale or seersucker bed linen. In winter, on the other hand, TENCEL™ bed linen or flannel bed linen are the better choice. Find out more in our bed linen guide.

Design and sustainability

White bed linen is still the most popular in hotels. However, some hotels like to differentiate themselves with unique design concepts. For example, use red bed linen to create a vibrant accent in guest rooms or subtle bed linen in beige to create a sense of calm. You can also choose organically-grown fabrics if your hotel is committed to more sustainable practices. Organic bed linen uses neither chemical pesticides nor artificial fertilisers.

Are you looking for hotel-quality bed linen? At URBANARA, you will find the perfect choice, no matter your business, in beautiful colours, materials and designs.


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