Grey Bedding

Light, breathable grey bedding adds a sophisticated depth to every bedroom.



Opt for high quality grey bedding to improve the quality of your sleep. Each person spends countless hours in their bed every night, meaning it’s important to not cut any corners when it comes to bedroom comfort. We therefore recommend that you always select bed linen with the greatest care and caution, as it is the one item that interacts with your skin daily. With high-quality, grey bed linen , we help you to find a restful and restful sleep at URBANARA. Discover our range of fine grey duvet covers and grey pillowcases on URBANARA and order online now!


Made from 100% pure organic raw materials, our eco bedding is unbleached. The entire manufacturing process works without adding harmful chemicals. Our high-quality organic bedding has eco-certificates such as the Global Organic Textile Standard ( GOTS ) to authenticate the purity of the organic bedding to an international standard. This certificate proves that our organic bed linen is made from high quality and pure organic cotton


Grey bed linen is not only the best option for protecting the environment, it is also optimum for anyone who may suffer from allergies, as no synthetic materials are used. Rest easy with our grey bedding covers, as they are not just particularly soft but also very skin-friendly.
With a beautiful bedding set made of organic cotton , it will be easier for you to sleep well and wake up fresh. This bedding is both airy, absorbent and non-electrostatic.


At URBANARA, organic bed linen made from pure organic cotton is available in many different sizes and colors. Choose from grey double bedding, grey single bedding covers, grey king size bedding duvets and covers, grey quilt covers and more.
Thanks to this variety of colors and designs, you are sure to find the right set for your personal taste.
We offer our sustainable cotton bed linen in the German standard sizes 135x200 cm and 155x220 cm as well as in the oversize 200x200 cm.
The choice of color is - as so often - a matter of taste. URBANARA offers you a variety of grey duvet covers, bedding and sheets to ensure the perfect blend of sophistication and style in any bedroom.


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  9. Mafalda Linen Bed Linen [Dark grey]
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