Cotton Quilts

Our wonderfully soft and stylish cotton quilts provide comfort at the end of a long day. Drape over your bed for a welcome alternative to your duvet in the summer, or layer on top for extra cosiness in the chillier months.

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  1. Ovelha Linen-Cotton Bedspread [Dark walnut]
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26 / 26 items

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At URBANARA, we combine natural materials and careful processing to create timelessly beautiful home accessories.

Cotton quilts

Whether a cosy extra layer in winter, or in place of a duvet in summer, cotton quilts help you adapt your bedroom to any season, and any mood. Our collection of richly textured cotton quilts made from the finest natural fibres, and in a variety of sumptuous colours, not only prepare your bedroom for the seasons, they add a splash of style, too. Cotton quilted bedspreads are a great choice whether you're looking for practicality, or simply to liven up your bedroom décor.

Why choose cotton quilts?

There's good reason to keep a cotton quilt on your bed. We all need an extra cosy touch for colder nights, and a quilted bedspread is the perfect way to layer up and keep the chills at bay. When summer and spring temperatures come around, a cotton quilt will prove to be a useful investment: their natural fibres also prove light enough to give you just enough cover to sleep comfortably on hot nights, and they’re breathable too – a lightweight cotton quilt soon be your new summer sleep essential.

The benefits of cotton quilts

All of our cotton quilts and quilted bedspreads are made with 100% pure cotton, which makes them easy to clean and wash, and ensures they're durable, long-lasting pieces to keep the bedroom cosy all year round. Cotton is both a breathable and insulating material, which our cotton quilts a soft and cool option that’s ideal to layer on the bed during the warmer seasons, or to provide a lightweight layer of comfort in place of a duvet during summer. Allergy sufferers will benefit from having a quilted bedspread, as dust mites can't burrow their way through thick woven natural cotton and they’re easy to maintain and keep clean.

How to care for cotton quilts

We recommend washing our cotton quilts and quilted bedspreads with similar colours at 40°C to ensure they stay soft and beautiful for as long as possible. When our cotton quilts are well maintained and properly cared for, they’ll keep you warm through many chilly nights ahead. That's why it’s important to look after these quilted bedspreads, so that you’ll get the best use out of them season after season, and so that you’ll be able to treasure your cotton quilt for a long time to come.

Cotton quilts for warmth

During the colder months, cotton quilts are perfect for keeping the bed snug and cosy – layer up to add warmth and extra comfort when there’s a chill or icy temperatures outside, and you’ll be protected and content in your natural cotton cocoon. Our cotton quilted bedspreads are made with the highest quality, 100% natural cotton, which is both breathable, temperature-regulating, and insulating for when winter chill set in and a spare layer on top of a duvet is indispensable. Our cotton quilted bedspreads are can also be used outside the bedroom for an added layer of cosiness; try bringing your cotton quilted bedspread down to the sofa for a cosy movie night in, or use it as a blanket when enjoying an evening in the garden.

Style up your bedroom with cotton quilts

Our cotton quilts are not only functional, they're beautifully woven and aesthetic, too. Explore adding new tones, textures and patterns to your bed or room with a cotton quilt, or add a touch of freshness with a white quilted bedspread. Our range of cotton quilted bedspreads come in a stunning array of colours and patterns. Try cotton quilts in a waffle knit pattern for added texture, or chequered quilting for even more texture. Or go for a woven pattern, such as a geometric pattern, for a cotton quilted bedspread with contemporary, modern style. The choice is yours, and finding the perfect style of cotton quilt is easy with the huge range available to you at URBANARA.

Choose the right size of cotton quilt

At URBANARA, we aim to provide a wide selection of cotton quilts in sizes and styles to suit different styles, rooms, spaces.. Whether your bed needs a double or single cotton quilt, or even a king size cotton quilt, you're sure to find the piece to integrate seamlessly with your space. A cotton quilt that’s bigger than the dimensions of your bed allows for even more comfort and styling options – simply drape and allow to fall to the floor for an outsized, droopy and relaxed effect, which adds texture and depth when styling your bed. However you choose to use your cotton quilt and realise the comfort, styling possibilities and warmth it brings, we hope our selection will help you make the right choice.

Buy cotton quilts online with URBANARA

Shipping is delivered safely wrapped to your door. For added peace of mind, we give you a 100 day free returns policy. We are serious in our commitment to quality and transparency, and will only source and stock blankets and throws that meet the highest consumer standards. We aim to describe all our collections in as much detail as possible, and in doing so, help you make the right decision for your home, from the comfort of your home. Of course, if your quilted bedspread isn’t quite what you thought it would be, you have 14 days to send it back, for free, no questions asked.