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A simple bed throw can work wonders in transforming the style of your bedroom. Choose from a sumptuous selection in vibrant or subtle shades, woven or knitted, understated or detailed – there's a design for every bedroom.

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Luxury bed throws in timeless designs

What is a bed throw used for?

A bed throw is a must-have accessory for any bedroom. Available in a variety of colours and textures, whether it’s a quilted bed throw or a bed throw made from natural wool, this unassuming bedroom accessory can help bring a pop of energetic colour to your room, or set a sophisticated accent with luxury fibres and classic designs.

On cooler nights, a throw for your bed is just the extra bit of warmth you need as the mercury drops, helping you to sleep soundly and comfortably; for the transitional seasons in autumn and spring, a bed throw acts as the perfect go-between cover. But bed throws are useful during the day, too: lay one over your duvet covers and transform your night bed into a day bed, perfect for reading and relaxing at the weekends.

Natural bed throws for a healthy sleep

No matter what style or colour you opt for, investing in a bed throw design that is made from 100% natural materials, like pure wool or cotton, makes a world of difference.

Even luxury bed throws made from certain materials are going to be lacking in the benefits that natural fibres will give. Synthetic fibres like faux fur don’t breathe, and bed throws made from these materials are likely to make you sweat during the night, or when you’re lying on this bed throw with bare skin while using it as a cover for a day bed. In addition, unnatural fibres attract dust and are allergenic, trapping mites and bacteria that can irritate those who suffer from allergies.

Bed throws made from natural fibres, on the other hand, are breathable, so help your bed feel fresh and clean, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Quilted bed throws, cotton bed throws or woollen bed throws: which is right for you?

Quilted bed throws

Quilted bed throws are typically filled with wadding, meaning they’re heavier than single bed throws, and are better suited for winter time. A quilted bedspread or bed throw will have a soft cotton outer, and inner padding from another material, usually wool or polyester. The design of a quilted bedspread or quilted bed throw will give it a more rigid structure than a looser, unstructured bed throw that’s more akin to a blanket. In that case, the structured feel and design of a quilted bed throw will make it perfect for tidying up the bed during the daytime, but less ideal for bedrooms with a more relaxed style.

Cotton bed throws

Cotton bed throws are not as warm as a quilted bed throws – though a quilted bed throw made from pure cotton has the best of both worlds. Cotton bed throw designs often display intricate woven detailing and interesting textures, too: when constructed with a jacquard weave, a cotton fabric can be woven into soft and voluminous waffle designs, chequered patterns and herringbone styles. Sometimes, these bed throws even feature eyelet reliefs.

Woollen bed throws

If you’re looking for something in between a warm, quilted bed throw and an oversized cotton throw, you’ll probably find that a wool blanket fits the bill perfectly. Thick woollen bed throws are plush and cosy, drape beautifully, and are available in a multitude of timeless colours and styles. Each woollen bed throw can be used in all rooms of the home – and on cold, wintery days, are perfect for draping around your shoulders for some extra warmth. Wool can be woven into a myriad of finishes, and URBANARA’s collection ranges from thick knit bed throws to bed throws with fringing and tasselled edges. For a luxurious touch to the bedroom, a cashmere woollen bed throw will be a sumptuous, timeless piece, that will earn itself season after season.

With so much choice in design, colour and materials, choosing the right bed throw for your home requires careful consideration.

What size should a bed throw be?

Bed throws are mostly common for double and king size beds. At URBANARA we offer a huge range of double bed throws in 140 x 220 cm size which will be perfect for a double bed, but we also carry king size larger bed throws in 220 x 240 cm sizes, for those who love to be extra cosy and single bed throws for smaller beds.

The king size bed throw is perfect for giving large beds the extra comfort they need. Larger spaces that can accommodate such a bed may be more spacious and cooler, so a king size bed throw is a good solution for making an airy space more cosy and keeping away any chills while you sleep. Of course, the sheer area of a king size bed throw makes it perfect for snuggling up on the sofa, too – you’ll be surprised just how versatile you’ll find a king size bed throw as an addition to your bedroom.

Pick your colour – maybe a pink, white or grey bed throw?

If you're unsure about adding too much colour to your bedroom, an elegant grey bed throw blends with almost all bedroom décor. Such neutral tones mix well with classic or contemporary interior styles, so however you choose to decorate your bedroom, a grey bed throw is sure to be a timeless asset that will wear well season after season. If you’re in search of a bed throw that suits your interior aesthetics with a particular palette, opt for a bed throw in earthy tones, like brown, terracotta, mustard yellow or powder pink. Each of these tones adds sophisticated, natural softness to the space without overwhelming your interior with colour, and are easily paired with a timeless grey bed throw.

Buy bed throws online in the UK

At URBANARA we offer a large selection of quality bed throws in timeless designs. From grey knitted bed throws to cream quilted bed throws and king size bed throws, you can be sure all our products are made with the best natural materials using sustainable, ethical processes. A bed throw from URBANARA is sure to be a timeless piece to be treasured season after season.

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