New wool favourites

With the winter season on our doorstep, we turn up our heaters to escape from the cold, and to keep our home nice and warm. We have some natural winter warmers that will keep you cosy and protect you from the cold, all winter long.

Wool naturally retains a lot of air and doesn’t absorb moisture. So, your rugs, cushions and blankets will never feel cool and damp, instead, they will only bring natural and pure warmth to your home. Another benefit is that products made from wool are easy to maintain, as they naturally repel dirt and dust. They also have a positive effect on the climate and the acoustics of a room. Guaranteeing a homely and pleasant feeling, whenever you enter. 

What is there not to love about wool? We had a closer look at the wool products that YOU love and decided to expand these best-selling collections.




Handmade in India, the soft, plush looped weave gives an incredible texture to our Ravi collection. With its chunky wool loops, the structure is rustic and contemporary at the same time. The colour melange in the wool adds a timeless look to Ravi that works perfectly in modern or traditional interiors.

In cutting-edge grey or natural white, the Ravi rugs, floor cushions and cushions will become an essential comfort piece in your living room.


We have made your favourite blanket into a whole collection with cushions in various sizes and blankets in additional colours. The Gotland collection exudes the sophisticated Scandi style. Made from 100% pure Scandinavian new wool, Gotland is truly unique with its silvery quality and will ensure to keep you warm throughout the season.

In calming colour hues, Gotland blends into any interior style with ease and will welcome you and your guest with a homely and warm atmosphere.



Beautiful monochrome colours and high-quality fabric is all that our Miramar collection needs to become an interior must-have in your home.

Made from 100% pure New Zealand wool, this colourful eye-catcher will become a statement piece in no time. Miramar will make you forget all about the cold outside and keep you cosy in its rich and soft texture.

Easily combine multiple colourways with Miramar blankets and cushions.