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How to care for wool blankets at home

How to Care for Wool Blankets at Home

When cared for properly, a wool blanket is a wonderful investment that will last for years providing warmth and comfort on chilly nights. In the past, wool blankets could only be hand-washed but as most washing machines now have a cold water and delicate cycle option, it’s no longer necessary to only wash them by hand. Though we still always recommend dry cleaning our wool blankets as stated on the label, these are the steps that can be taken if you decide to wash your blanket at home.

1. Washing wool blankets

Though wool blankets are delicate, it is possible to machine wash them if placed on a gentle cycle. Be sure to give the blanket a good shake to get rid of any excess particles before placing in the washing machine. Add a small amount of mild liquid detergent specifically made for wool items to the machine’s drawer. The washing machine should be set to wash and rinse with cold water, with the spin cycle set to gentle or delicate.

2. Drying wool blankets

To ensure your wool blanket does not lose its shape we recommend laying it out flat on a clothes horse to air dry. If it’s a summer’s day, then hanging them outside on a clothesline is the optimum way to ensure they dry quickly. Make sure to keep the blanket out of direct sunlight though, as this could result in the colours fading. It is best to avoid machine drying wool blankets, as this may cause the fibres to be damaged, diminishing the softness of the blanket and causing it to lose its shape.

3. Brushing wool blankets

Brushing your wool blanket will help remove excess dirt as well as ensure all of the wool fibres are lying in the same direction - strengthening the blanket and increasing its softness. To brush the blanket, lay it on the floor or a large table and with a soft bristle brush, brush down the longer axis of it with long sweeping motions.

4. Storing wool blankets

Wool blankets should be stored in a cool, dark place. If possible, don’t leave your wool blankets out when they’re not in use, as heat and direct light will cause the colours to fade. When you take wool blankets out of storage after a summer or long period of time, you can put them in the dryer on the cool air setting for two minutes to soften the fabric before use.