Autumn / Winter '18 Trends

When the leaves start falling and the colours start fading around us, we know one thing for sure: summer is coming to an end, and winter is on its way. The magical transition of seasons inspired us when designing this year’s Autumn/Winter collection
The last rays of the sunlight hit your face while you kick the golden leaves that are covering the ground at your feet. The air gets cooler and you slow down the pace of your everyday life. A new season breezes in, and so does the need for change. As the cold days are heading your way all you want to do is stay at home, snuggle up and drink tea. Your home becomes your winter hideout, a special place where you can feel safe from the cold discomfort of the outside world. A place where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.


Inspired by nature’s imperfection, our A/W collection celebrates the feeling of deep satisfaction it gives us by integrating it into our collections aesthetic.
Raw organic shapes, flowing structures and colour hues that blend into each other naturally. Integrate the vibe of perfect imperfection by bringing dry, sandy and stony elements into your interior. There is no better feeling than coming home after a long and cold autumn day, and be welcomed by relaxing hues and warm materials.





Looking for ways to disconnect from everyday life, you seek a hideaway where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the true meaning of tranquillity and simplicity.


Crooked, yet harmonic shapes form a calming balance. Thick and warm wool against the cool stone and misty faded greens exude a feeling of freshness and revitalisation.
Relax with our Shapes of Nature collection.



Picking up on the mood of the season, in our Moments of Calm collection, we embrace the natural transitioning in colours with deep tones of forest green, teal and dark greys in contrast to light, pastel shades olive green and bringing in some berry and Bordeaux to play. Essential elements of wool, cashmere, cotton, concrete, wood, and stone shape the heart and soul of our trend collection.





Clean and sleek shapes, refreshing colours and smooth material create a calm retreat from the every day.




The last rays of sunlight break through the cloudy winter sky, the rich smell of fresh forest air is tickling your nose, fusing with the clean smell of linen and cotton. Transport yourself to a spa retreat in your own bathroom, sealed off and far away from the chaos of the city.