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A good night's sleep.

A Good Night's Sleep

Sweet dreams, good night – a restful, restorative slumber is crucial for our wellbeing, both mind and body. Whether cuddled up in a soft blanket enjoying a book on the sofa, storytelling sessions in the nursery, or the gentle sounds of acoustic songs by candlelight, every one of us has our own unique rituals when it comes to winding down at the end of the day, and ensuring a peaceful night of sleep. Set the scene with soft bed linen and cosy nightwear, breathe deeply, and let the day melt away.

We asked members of the URBANARA team to share their tips for relaxing before bedtime.

Dora, Creative Director

I love mixing water with few drops of bergamot essential oil and spray my bed linen before I go to bed. The smell of bergamot helps me relax and sleep better, and my bed linen always feels fresh.

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Niaomi, Buyer

I just love to get into my bed when I have my Oufeiro sheets on– they are the softest sheets in the world, and no matter the temperature I love to be wrapped up in them.

Harry, CRM Manager

I take cold showers, usually a few hours before bed. If that doesn't work, I do Zazen meditation for half an hour.

Aoife, Senior Editor

The most important part of my sleep routine is snuggling into my pyjamas – the softer, the better.

Tine, Graphic Lead

I'm a winter snuggler: warm tea, sinking deep into an ocean of pillows, lighting a candle or two as I read up on the next days horoscope and new moon predictions.

Davina, Senior Buyer

I love to sleep with the window wide open, wrapped up in a slightly warmer duvet so I can enjoy the fresh breeze. On top of that I surround myself with loads of pillows to support my body (especially because I´m a pregnant side sleeper) and, after a little cuddle with my boyfriend, drift off to the sound of a familiar audiobook.

No matter what your evening looks like, make time to breathe deeply, slow down and unwind, and a great night's sleep is bound to follow.

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