how-we-define-quality-urbanara 6 years of Happy Homes

Only the highest quality products.

Each of our collections is made with natural materials by passionate producers who show care and attention to detail. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t sell it to you.


Ethically produced

Quality assured

A commitment to transparency.

Carefully made products don’t have an ugly side, so we have nothing to hide. Our commitment to transparency means you can always make an informed decision.

Affordability, always.

Made with care, so it will last forever; affordable for everyone, at no-one’s expense; direct from the producer, to minimise costs. It’s how we offer you true value.

These are the seven ways that we measure quality.

1. Finest quality fibres

Our products are made using the highest-quality natural fibres to ensure they are long-lasting and safe against your skin. We believe that if there is no excellent reason to use a synthetic material (like for waterproofing or strengthening a delicate fibre), then we simply shouldn’t use it.

2. Respect tradition, embrace technology

We value the history of handicrafts, while acknowledging technology as a means to improve workers' conditions and the longevity of products. For this reason, we respect both time-proven crafting techniques and modern manufacturing methods, and search for producers who esteem both.

3. Quality assured

Unlike other brands, we personally test that every zip, button and bow is functioning as it should. If it doesn’t work as intended or it isn’t finished to the highest standards, we send it back, no exceptions.

4. Community-minded producers

Making our homes beautiful should never come at the expense of others. We visit producers’ manufacturing sites to check that conditions are safe and no child labour is used. Besides this, we endeavour to work with producers who empower local communities through social programs.

5. Environmentally conscious

The environment is at the heart of our collections, so we are committed to working with producers who preserve it. Our goal is to source products that comply with independent certification standards, and which are made without harming animals, the environment, and are free from harmful chemicals.

Engaged producers

Time-proven techniques

6. Engaged staff, passionate producers

We love what we do and always respect our core values of quality, affordability, and transparency. We don’t work with people who don’t.

7. A quality experience, from start to finish

From landing on our website and placing an order, to unwrapping a product in your home and feeling it against your skin, we strive to give you the best shopping experience possible, from start to finish.

Dear Home, we're making amends.

For too long, we've taken you for granted.

Throughout years of bedtime stories and family dinners, we forgot it was you who was always in the background. When we grew up and moved out, home became just a place to rest our heads between the rush of our careers and travel and friends. You became an afterthought.

While we weren't looking, while we were too busy, you remained the backdrop of our lives. In good times and bad, you were the thing we most relied on. For this, we are grateful. And it's time we started treating you the way you deserve.

So hear us now, loud and clear: you matter. We will build a brand in your honour. We will make you – and homes like you – happy.

There will be no more okay-for-nows and that-will-dos. We will surround you with pieces that count. We will make them using natural materials with people who care. They will be designed to stand the test of time. You will smile knowing that you reflect the values we hold high: quality and honesty, for us and those we love, felt every single day.

Because happy homes make happy lives. It's so clear to us now.

Thank you for everything – we will make you proud.

The URBANARA Founders